7 Wonderful Tips for Redoing Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank ...


Redoing your kitchen is expensive, or can be expensive if you don't know these tips for redoing your kitchen without breaking the bank. All you need is a little time, a little elbow grease and a little know how, and redoing your kitchen can be done without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Without further ado, these are my tips for redoing your kitchen!

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Repaint Your Walls

Repaint Your Walls The first and one of the most important tips for redoing your kitchen without breaking the bank is repainting your walls. Sometimes changing the color of your walls can make a room feel completely different. Before you decide to completely change everything, try to change one small thing and see if it changes your opinion about your kitchen!


Add Bead-board

Add Bead-board I love the look of bead-board in kitchens, and since about 8 ft of it runs for about $20, it's a really cheap way to change the look of your walls and add a little bit of interest to your walls. Bead-board is also really easy to install. All you need is a level and some really thin molding tacks. And, most places that you buy it from will cut the bead-board into the size that you need before you leave the store, so if you pre-measure, you won't need any tools other than a hammer and a level.


Laminate Counter Paint

Laminate Counter Paint Usually the most expensive part of redoing your kitchen is redoing the counter tops. And, if you have a house that was built any time after the '70s and hasn't been redone in a while, you have laminate counters. The good news is, recently laminate counter paint has been released and let me tell you, it's only $20 and it works wonders. If you're redoing your kitchen on a tight budget, that's the best way to save a few bucks without sacrificing the look you want.


Reface Cabinets

Reface Cabinets Instead of spending a billion dollars on all new cabinetry, why not just repaint the cabinets you have and reface them? If your cabinet doors are just a plain flat surface with a pull, you can add a frame with moulding or, if your cabinets have a border, you can paint a cool pattern on them to add a little interest. It's much cheaper to tweak the cabinets that you already have than buy a lot of new ones!


Add Art

Add Art Want to make your walls a little less bland? Add a little art to fill up space and make your walls a little more interesting. Art is a great way to make your walls feel less sparse.


Restain Furniture

Restain Furniture Another great tip for redoing your kitchen? Restaining your furniture can make a big difference. You would be surprised by how much difference is made by staining a table that was painted black a reddish gold color or returning it to its natural oak color. Changing dark furniture to a lighter color really opens up and brightens a room (especially the breakfast nook that is attached to your kitchen).


Change Cabinet Hardware

Change Cabinet Hardware See some interesting cabinet pulls here at DIYNetwork: diynetwork.com. I love the look of vintage crystal pulls on cabinets! Adding some hardware to your cabinets can really draw your eye in and it's such a cheap little change. There are also some very cool do it yourself pulls. Adding a simple (or interesting) pull to your cabinets can make them seem brand new. All you really need to attach a brand new store bought pull is a drill and a screwdriver, and your kitchen will be super styling in no time.

Well ladies, these are my tips for redoing your kitchen on a budget. How did you save money when reworking your cooking space? What are some of the cool pulls and colors that you changed in your kitchen? Be sure to let me know down below!

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