This is What Happens when You Go Retro in the Bathroom ...


Retro is cool again, but it isn't that easy to find. For while there, colored toilets and tubs were strange and dated, but for some reason they are hot again. People all over the place are giving their bathrooms a makeover that takes them back in time. Want to do the same? Here's plenty of inspiration for helping you find you dream retro bathroom. Have fun!

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Black and White Floors

Black and White Floors Via 27 Clever And Unconventional Bathroom
This black and white checkerboard pattern has waxed and waned in popularity, but it's fashionable for the retro trend.


Light Turquoise

Light Turquoise Via Key Interiors by Shinay: Vintage
What makes this bathroom so retro is the fun blue color. Don't you love it?


Funky Bathroom Colors

Funky Bathroom Colors Via Beautiful house in retro style
Many people would think they'd died and gone to heaven if they bought a house with an bathroom like this. Would you?


All White

All White Via Bath Gets a Classic Redo
The great thing about an all white bathroom is that you can give it all the retro details you want.


Starburst Stencil

Starburst Stencil Via Two starburst stencil projects for
Take your bathroom back in time with these shiny gold starbursts.


The Tile

The Tile Via Feature Friday: Edie's New Home
Check out this floor tile! Do you love it?


Tub with Curtains

Tub with Curtains Via New 18th Century French Decorating
This bathroom, harkens back a bit further, but is still pretty retro and fun.


Black and White Tile Bathroom

Black and White Tile Bathroom Via Chris' black and white bathroom
Black and white is huge when it comes to retro appeal, as you can see here.


Victorian Bathroom Redo

Victorian Bathroom Redo Via Modern Bath, Vintage Looks
There isn't much to not love about this bathroom. What's your favorite part?


Walk in Shower with Corner Bench

Walk in Shower with Corner Bench Via Gorgeous blue tile bathroom
This bathroom reminds me of the one in my grandparent's bathroom when I was a kid.


The nostalgia is tangible—a fusion of vintage charm and modern functionality. Who wouldn’t love the luxury of stepping into a spacious shower without the hassle of doors or curtains? Plus, that adorable corner bench beckons for leisurely moments, a perfect perch for a cozy sit-down amidst cascading warm water after a long day. The blue tiles are not just a flashback to yesteryears; they create a serene backdrop that calms your senses. It’s an elegant reminder that some designs truly withstand the test of time, blending their historical allure with the convenience of contemporary amenities.


Pink Bathroom

Pink Bathroom Via Robert's pink and black bathroom
Pink is the perfect color choice for a retro bathroom.


Original 1933 Tile Bathroom

Original 1933 Tile Bathroom Via 483 wonderful original architectural details
Do you love this green? This bathroom is fun, but I don't think I'd choose it for my house.


The 1930s

The 1930s Via Designing Two Bathrooms With Colorful
What I wouldn't give for a bathroom this totally awesome!


Pink and Black Tiles

Pink and Black Tiles Via Samantha spots a Saved Pink
This pink and black look is super fantastic, don't you think?


Big Mirror

Big Mirror Via Keeping Your Bathroom "Company Clean"
I feel like the mirror is what gives this bathroom its retro charm.


Uncommon Vintage Pieces

Uncommon Vintage Pieces Via House Tour: Decorate with Vintage
If you can find something like this for your bathroom, it makes it look even more awesome!


Turquoise and Yellow

Turquoise and Yellow Via Remaking Vintage Details
This color combination is perfect for a retro bathroom redo.


Art Deco Bathroom

Art Deco Bathroom Via Top 10 Simple DIY Shower
Art deco is a fabulous choice for a bathroom. Love it!


Color and Pattern

Color and Pattern Via 1,000 Save The Pink Bathrooms
The color and pattern here is so awesome! Wouldn't going to the bathroom make you smile?


Late 1920's - Nostalgia

Late 1920's - Nostalgia Via Nostalgia: Retro Baths | The
I think if I had a tub like this, I would never want to get out of it.


Pink Paint

Pink Paint Via The Inspired Housewife | "She
Just a dash of pink paint turns this black and white bathroom into a retro paradise.


Vintage Blue Bathroom

Vintage Blue Bathroom Via Gorgeous blue tile bathroom
I adore this color! Don't you?


Fancy Floor Tile

Fancy Floor Tile Via Exquisite Scandinavian Apartment Interiors
This floor tile reminds me of 1920s New York City.



Cabinets Via Vintage Tile Scrapbook
I love how retro the cabinets are in this bathroom. Fabulous!


Old Fixtures

Old Fixtures Via 6 colorful 1950 vintage bathrooms
Make your bathroom really retro by choosing old fashioned fixtures like this sink.


Yellow, Black and Blue

Yellow, Black and Blue Via Kristen and Paul's 1940s style
What do you think about this color combination?


Big and Pink

Big and Pink Via 1954 Texas time capsule house
Not only is this house huge, but it's just the right shade of pink.

Thinking of doing a retro bathroom in your house? What are your favorite ideas?

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Horrible ideas. Not at all inspiring.

I absolutely love number 13!!! It is sooooo cool!

I ripped out two bathrooms like these and never regretted it for a second. Guess I could have sold the pink and seafoam green fixtures....

I love these bathrooms!

Agree not inspiring, yet it's all jokes ! Feel like everyone's grandmas bathrooms look somewhat like this :p atleast my Italian gmaaa haha

I think these are fantastic! Beautiful and fabulous in their own way :)

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