Things to Declutter before the Holidays so You Have More Space ...


Things to Declutter before the Holidays  so You Have More Space ...
Things to Declutter before the Holidays  so You Have More Space ...

If there is one thing you need around the house before the holiday season gets into full swing, it is space! You need space for decorations, space to presents, space for guests, space for food, space for pretty much everything, and you just won’t be able to make room if you are someone who lets the clutter accumulate over the course of the year! It might seem like an impossible task given the time scale, but you can do it! Here are things to declutter before the holidays so that you have more space.

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Old Decorations

Out with the old and in with the new! You know there are boxes and boxes of decorations in the attic that haven’t been used for years. Do yourself a favor and bring them down too this year to throw them out for good.


Card Collection

Don’t be sentimental about keeping every single card that you get from randoms at school or work in pride of place. Just keep the ones from close friends and family that have personal meaning and your home won’t feel so cluttered.


Old Toys

Pre Christmas is the perfect time to pool together all of those old toys that your siblings or kids haven’t used for ages and donate them away to make room for the new ones that are obviously coming within the month.


Old Gifts

You know those bottles of bath stuff and big candles that you haven’t touched since opening them last Christmas? Get rid of them now because you are only going to have identical things to replace them with soon.


Old Bedding and Towels

It’s pretty likely that you are going to receive these kinds of gifts from family members over Christmas, so that makes it the perfect time of the year to finally get rid of all of your old and fraying pieces. If you wouldn’t let guests use them, then they deserve to go!


Duplicate Utensils

The holiday season is when your kitchen is put the test in terms of space, so it is the perfect time to give away or throw out the duplicate and old utensils that you have lying around. All they are doing is taking up precious space that needs to be used for the one millionth plate of food!

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