How to Declutter Your Workspace ...


How to Declutter Your Workspace ...
How to Declutter Your Workspace ...

Of all the things that your parents or grandparents use to say to you, the belief that a clean and clear space results in a clean and clear mind is something that is absolutely true! I don’t know about you, but I find it really difficult to centre and focus my mind when the room around me is messy and full of unnecessary garbage. If you feel the same, then there is no better time to start doing something about your own environment! Here are some great tips for how to declutter your workspace.

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Plan It

Don’t just throw yourself into it and start picking things up to throw out without any forethought. Just like things like meal prepping, a good decluttering session is always best when you have sat down made a plan for what it is to come. Make lists of things you want to keep, things you need to throw out, areas that are up for grabs in terms of storage. If you have a plan to refer to, you won’t ever feel without purpose when you are in the middle of a clean up.



And speaking of storage, make sure that you are only keeping enough things around that can be accommodated by your current storage, rather than trying to solve the problem by putting more storage in the room. If you just buy more shelving to get things off of the floor, you aren’t decluttering at all, you are actually putting more things in your workspace to give the illusion of tidiness!



When it comes to effective decluttering, there is no room for sentimentality! You have to be ruthless about throwing away stuff that you no longer use and no longer need, because the facts are that the memories you have attached to them probably aren’t even fresh or meaningful anymore. You may have just gotten used to the sight of the cluttered mess, rather than having any particular attachment to it.


Sort and Box

If you have space under your desk, for example, a good way to kick start the decluttering process is to grab some boxes and sort your items into categories. When you have things in categorised groups, you don’t have to sift through absolutely everything you own in order to find it. Eventually, you might be able to see that some of the boxes aren’t even needed at all.

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