5 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home for a True Spring Cleaning ...


5 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home for a True Spring Cleaning ...
5 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home for a True Spring Cleaning ...

In this video by ClutterBug, she tells we gals **how to deep clean the home **... especially for this upcoming Spring!

For the first, I am quite unfamiliar... The dishwasher. While growing up, my family did not have one. My mother and I called ourselves the "Armstrong dishwashers". Well, in the video, ClutterBug shows you how to tear the dishwasher apart and give it a deep clean.

Next, she shows how to clean the bottom of the kitchen cupboards. In other words, she tells you how to do the detailing, where dirt builds up and if you do not keep up with the dirt, it is going to be impossible to remove.

The part about fridge coils, I think, is what if it cannot come off or does not go back on if it does? Be quite careful. Maybe use an attachment to a sweeper to get the dirt out instead?

Disinfecting your garbage can is the easy job. Just wipe inside and out with a sponge and disinfectant.

For your walls, do not use water and soap. Instead, use a duster. If there are major scuff marks, use a damp cloth with some multi-purpose cleaner then finish with a dry cloth.

So, these may seem silly to write about, but starting little by little now is going to save you major stress when spring really does arrive. Right?

Good luck and think spring!

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