7 Smart Tips on How to Hide Electronics and Cords ...


7 Smart Tips on How to Hide Electronics and Cords ...
7 Smart Tips on How to Hide Electronics and Cords ...

The one drawback to all of this new and amazing technology is learning how to hide electronics and cords in your home! Cords and other electrical components can be such an eyesore when it comes to home decor. Plus they are always getting tangled or confused for what device they belong to. So until the world is ready for total wireless everything, follow these 7 smart tips on how to hide electronics and cords.

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Book Coverage

Book Coverage This creative way for how to hide electronics and cords is great for hiding receivers such as your wireless router or modem. Simply find a large vintage looking hard cover book at your local thrift store. Then cut out the pages inside and bend the spine to widen the overall fit. In order to reach all the electronics in your home, your wireless router is usually in the center of it. This can be an eyesore in the center of a room with it's blinking lights and cords. Using a book to hide it is simple, practical, and super effective!


Nightstand Charging

Nightstand Charging Are you like me with wanting to charge your devices next to your bed so you can hear them if they go off at night or in the morning? Well then you should incorporate a charging station into your nightstand! If you have a nightstand with a pullout drawer on the top, cut a hole in the back of the drawer to allow a power strip cord. Then you can plug in any devices you want to the power strip in your drawer while keeping them all tucked away safely. No more having your phone or tablet on the floor or taking up room on top of your nightstand.


Box Charging Station

Box Charging Station Don't want to start drilling holes in your nightstand but like the idea of creating a charging station? Well then make one out of any box you have available. You can even use a shoe box! If you're using a shoe box, wrap the box first in decorative drawer or wrapping paper. Then cut holes in the side and use a metal cardboard insert to give each hole a smoother look. Insert a power strip, and you're good to go! For extra organization, create a label above each hole to easily keep track of what cord goes to which device.


Design Using Your Cords

Design Using Your Cords Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that not all cords can be perfectly covered up. An awkwardly positioned outlet and a cable or wire is just something you have to live with. So instead of hiding it, why not make it something more visually appealing? Online you can find some unique wire clip ons to dress up your cords a little nicer. There are also colored wires so instead of having an ugly gray, white, or black, you can have your cords match your room's color scheme!


Create Cabinet Doors

Create Cabinet Doors This is a perfect way to hide cords that come out from under your desk. Simple install hinges and cabinet doors to create a stylish hiding space for your wires. The cabinets still allow you to move and change everything you need while still letting you hide it all. Plus it not only hides the wires but also the electrical sockets!


Cord Management Straps

Cord Management Straps Roomandboard.com has customized cord management straps ranging from $9 to $35. It's an easy way to hide your computer cords along the edges of your desk. If you don't want to spend the money on straps, you can always use colored tape that matches your wires or desk to prop your cords along your desk frame. Or if your a talented do it yourself-er, you can use fabric and some Velcro to create cord management straps of your own!


Get Creative with Your Room's Details

Get Creative with Your Room's Details If you need to run your cords along the side of a room, create a cute decorative trim to hide it. For example, you can put up a small white picket fence decorative trim to cover your cords while still adding a cute design to your room! It's easier to do this trick though if you have a border around your room that juts out from the wall a bit. This way you can stick the fence pieces to the border leaving room between the fence and wall to run your cords.

You will be amazed at how much cleaner your areas with electronics will look when you stash the cords away. It's also a great way to keep your devices out of harm's way when you put them in a drawer or hollowed out book rather then on top of a table or the floor. Have you created any clever ways to hide cords in your home? Do tell!

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