7 Smart Tips on How to Hide Electronics and Cords ...

The one drawback to all of this new and amazing technology is learning how to hide electronics and cords in your home! Cords and other electrical components can be such an eyesore when it comes to home decor. Plus they are always getting tangled or confused for what device they belong to. So until the world is ready for total wireless everything, follow these 7 smart tips on how to hide electronics and cords.

1. Book Coverage

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This creative way for how to hide electronics and cords is great for hiding receivers such as your wireless router or modem. Simply find a large vintage looking hard cover book at your local thrift store. Then cut out the pages inside and bend the spine to widen the overall fit. In order to reach all the electronics in your home, your wireless router is usually in the center of it. This can be an eyesore in the center of a room with it's blinking lights and cords. Using a book to hide it is simple, practical, and super effective!

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