7 Lifesaving Duct Tape Hacks Everyone Should Know ...


Duct tape was invented during World War II and was used for many purposes. These days you probably see all the fun colors and patterns instead of the traditional silver color. It’s a hot crafting item, which my kids love to use to make wallets and coin purses for themselves and their friends. Turns out you should never go without a roll of duct tape in your home because there are lots of things you can use it for. Once you read this list, your life is never going to be the same.

1. Stop Blisters in Their Tracks when You Run or Jog by Putting Duct Tape on Your Feet

Nothing ruins a run more quickly than getting a blister on your heel or toes. Keep them from ever developing by smoothing a piece of duct tape in the area that is irritating. This is a valuable tip for when you get a new pair of running shoes. You’ll be able to run pain-free and it’s super easy to stick some duct tape on and go.

Hang Duct Tape outside to Keep Bugs from Ruining Your Backyard Barbecue
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