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How to Make Air Fresheners from Natural Ingredients ...

By Leiann

After viewing the following video, I thought to myself, "That's it?" Get stinky odors out of your house, with only 2 ingredients...

You know how you buy solid air fresheners and they smell good the day you unpackage them, but afterward you don't even notice any fragrance?

Then, there is aerosol ... which often makes the odor even worse. Hello? Febreeze.

Who would have thought of vanilla extract and baking soda? Not me!

No more spending money foolishly on air freshener that does not even freshen the air! Save money while you are at it!

Whether you made cabbage rolls in your kitchen, have a smoker in your house, have pets in your house, etc. and don't want your house stinking before any guests arrive, you have found a solution.

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