7 Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox ...


When you first start living on your own, you discover that there are some basic tools you should have in your toolbox. After moving into my first apartment, one of the first things my mom got me was a hammer. At first I thought this was a very strange housewarming present, but then I realized that it was just one of several essential tools you should have in your toolbox. If you are just starting out on your own, having a few basic tools will help you be prepared for almost anything.

1. Hammer

I already mentioned that one of the first tools I was given when I moved out on my own was a hammer, but what I didn’t mention was how useful I found it. Hammers are extremely helpful for hanging pictures and putting together prefabricated furniture. I couldn’t have done either without a hammer, which is why a hammer is one of the tools you should have in your toolbox.

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