5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Drawers Organized ...


5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Drawers Organized ...
5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Drawers Organized ...

I think we can all use some easy tips to organize your drawers. If there is one thing that perfectly displays the difference between being a young person and a fully grown adult, it is the ability to keep your drawers nice and tidy on a regular basis! As you get older and acquire more space and more possessions, it becomes even more important to be able to run a tight ship in terms of cleanliness and neatness in your life. The tidier the living space, the tidier the mind! Here are five easy tips to organize your drawers.

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Monthly Refold

Every single month, take the things out of your drawers and refold them. This will prevent them from getting bunched up in the back and completely forgotten about. And you will probably find a few things to give to charity every now and then! This is one of the best easy tips to organize your drawers so use it as often as you need to.


File, Don’t Stack

Instead of putting t-shirts on top of each other so you forget about the bottom ones or collapse a pile to get the bottom shirt, use the filing system instead where the shirts are all visible from the top of the drawer.



Throw a couple of containers or dividers into your drawers so that you can keep the smaller items like socks or underwear in defined sections. This will stop them from spreading around and making a mess.



And to expand on dividers, they can be good even for the larger things in your drawers like outer clothing. If you can separate jeans from sweaters from dresses from everything else, your entire drawer will be much neater.


Keep Things Fresh

You want your drawers to stay as fresh smelling as possible so that everything in them stays as fresh smelling as long as possible, and there are a few ways that you can do this. You can throw in a few scented bags like lavender, or you could even store a few scented candles in the corners of the drawer that will permeate through everything that lives in it. An easy way to retain freshness!

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