7 Delightful Ways to Illuminate Your Home This Fall ...


7 Delightful Ways to Illuminate Your Home This Fall ...
7 Delightful Ways to Illuminate Your Home This Fall ...

Seasons are changing and you are probably already thinking of new ways to illuminate your home this fall. We give you here some ideas that are sure to make your lovely house look cozy and wonderfully inviting. Most of these will require the use of fairy or string lights; take some out from your Christmas décor stash. A couple of projects will need candles. Not matter which of these ways to illuminate your home this fall you choose, you will surely end up with something lovely.

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Floating Candles

Floating Candles One of the ways to illuminate your home this fall is by using tealight candles and apples. You simply make tealight candle sized holes by the top part of some apples, add the candles, and arrange them in a large bowl with water. Add chestnuts to the water so that your fall décor doesn't look too empty.

Tutorial Source: hymnsandverses.com


Crepe Paper Fringe

Crepe Paper Fringe Look how pretty! Using crepe paper in lovely fall colors, you can make this beautiful light décor for your home without spending a lot of money. Now the tutorial says that you glue the fringed crepe paper to the string lights but you can also use tape. Still, if you're thinking about avoiding fire, it is advisable not to leave these pretty lights on for a long time or without supervision.

Tutorial Source: studiodiy.com



Starry This beautiful project makes use of string lights, too. And just like the crepe paper idea, this one is incredibly easy to make as well. You will need to get lots of foil paper. Using gold is advisable so that your lights will have that lovely autumn allure. Make star shapes, punch holes in the center, and insert stars into each light. Design variation: make leaf shapes instead of stars.

Tutorial Source: liagriffith.com



Leaves This fall lighting project is simple, too. You will use faux leaves for this DIY idea. They're very cheap and are sold in many craft stores. Fold them, make a slit in the middle, and attach to each light or bulb. This will work on lovely fairy or string lights, too.

Tutorial Source: ohmy-creative.com


Illuminated Pumpkin

Illuminated Pumpkin How beautiful! For this fall lighting idea, the “pumpkin” was created using twine and glue. If you can't find a ready-made twine or rope pumpkin, follow these steps: wrap twine around a balloon, slather with glue, let dry for a couple of hours, pop and take out the balloon, and let the twine dry some more. Once it's stiff, add string lights, and a tiny branch to the top of your twine pumpkin.

Tutorial Source: recapturedcharm.com


Dixie Cup

Dixie Cup One of the easiest ways to illuminate your home this fall is to embellish string lights with Dixie cups. Not just plain Dixie cups, though. You will want to decorate them first. Great options are pretty paper with autumn motifs.

Tutorial Source: heygorg.com


Pumpkin Sconce

Pumpkin Sconce This is one fall lighting idea that you will not have to take down until after Thanksgiving. This Martha Stewart craft project was accomplished using two pumpkins. One was gouged and designed to accommodate the tealight candle. The smaller one was designed like a crown to be put on top of the other pumpkin.

Tutorial Source: marthastewart.com

We bet you have other ideas on ways to illuminate your home this fall. We'd love to hear them! Whether complicated and crafty or simple and quick, we're always happy to hear about your DIY adventures.

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Love love love ALL OF THEM! Seriously, very cool ideas.

I will only go for candels in my opinion the rest is a bit childish

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