7 Delightful Uses for Tampons ...


Despite their obvious purpose, there are other uses for tampons that prove to be pretty handy. The super- absorbent cotton in its sterile tubing and packaging makes it an ideal substitute for various life circumstances that catch us by surprise! if you want another good reason to always have a couple tampons on hand, keep reading! Here are some non-conventional uses for tampons that you're going to love!

1. Nose Bleeds

There's nothing worse than having a bad nose bleed in public when you've forgotten to pack tissue in your purse. Since most of us women carry tampons around with us, you can use one to soak up a nose bleed and quickly! Its super absorbent cotton and perfect size make it ideal for stopping nose bleeds and this works as one of the most handy uses for tampons.

Soak up Spills in a Pinch
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