10 Cleaning Tools to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze ...


10 Cleaning Tools to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze ...
10 Cleaning Tools to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze ...

Do you need some cleaning tools to make spring cleaning a breeze? Do you ever find that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to clean your home? Work, parental responsibilities, school, and activities leave little time for cleaning. The good news is that there are some amazing cleaning tools that you can buy from your local Target or Walmart that will cut your cleaning time in half, leaving you more time for what’s important. The following are 10 great cleaning tools to make spring cleaning a breeze.

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Clorox Wipes

product, product, dietary supplement, liquid, Disposable disinfecting wipes, which will remove germs, bacteria, viruses, grease, and grime. This is one of the best cleaning tools to make spring cleaning a breeze.

$6.48 at walmart.com


Swiffer Sweeper

household cleaning supply, product, product, grass, household supply, A cleaning tool designed to sweep and mop the floor using disposable dry sweeping cloths to clean dust, hair, and dirt from hard floors and disposable wet cloths to clean dirt and grime from hard floors.

$11.99 at target.com


Swiffer Wet Jet

household cleaning supply, product, hardware, tool, product design, An all in one spray mop with a dual nozzle sprayer that uses disposable mopping cloths to clean hard floors.

$22.97 walmart.com


Swiffer Dusters

product, household cleaning supply, product, flavor, household supply, A surface duster that uses disposable dusters made of fibers that contain Dust Lock Adhesive to trap dust found on any surface.

$9.32 walmart.com


Clorox Toilet Wand

product, household cleaning supply, product, household supply, brand, A toilet bowl cleaner with a wand and preloaded disposable cleaning heads that kill germs and clean stains.

$7.98 walmart.com


Tide Pods

orange, product, product design, A pod made of laundry detergent used in place of regular liquid or powder soaps to get clothes and linens clean.

$8.97 walmart.com


Cascade Dishwasher Pods

product, product, product design, water, household supply, A pod containing powdered dish soap and a built-in rinse aid, to remove food, grease and water stains from dishware.

$10.99 target.com


Norwex Cleaning EnviroCloth

product, material, textile, product, product design, An antibacterial microfiber silver infused cloth that removes dust, dirt, and grease from any surface using only water.

$17.99 norwex.biz


Pledge Lemon Enhancing Wipes

product, product, A pre-moistened wipe used for dusting, shining and protecting furniture, quickly and easily.
$3.93 walmart.com


IRobot Roomba 680 Robot Vacuum

product, home appliance, product, product design, hardware, A robotic, vacuum that vacuums carpets and hard surfaces at the push of a button.

$299.00 walmart.com

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