Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips You'll Be Glad You Learned ...


Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips You'll Be Glad You Learned ...
Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips You'll Be Glad You Learned ...

Spring is in the air and that's how you know it's time to break out your best spring cleaning tips. It’s time to put away those winter coats and get your home back into shape for the new season. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips to freshen your home this season.

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See What You Can See

Get your windows into shape with a thorough cleaning. Don’t stop at the glass on the inside of your home. Make sure to clean the glass both inside and outside to ensure the best view. And don’t forget to tackle the window sills. Take the screens off and give them a good washing, too! This is one of my best spring cleaning tips!


Frame Your View

What good are clean windows if your curtains are dusty and dingy? Make sure to take them down and get them clean and fresh with a spin in the dryer. Use the air fluff setting (no heat) and toss in a damp towel to help catch the dust. Just 15 minutes is all it should take to revive your curtains.


Ditch the Dust

Take everything off your shelves. Yes. All those books and knickknacks. Now dust! Dust that furniture – top, shelves, front, and sides. Done? Awesome! Now dust off each item before putting it back in its place.


Tame the Trash

Grab those garbage cans and give them a good cleaning to fight the funk. Give them a good rinse with a hose and dump the yucky water out. Now hit them with some disinfectant and give them a good scrub. One more rinse and a night upside down (so they can dry out), and you’ll be out of the stink.


Ditch the Dust Bunnies

Let’s face it, you probably haven’t looked under your couch or bed lately. Spring is the time to do it. Shift furniture out of its spot and vacuum or sweep and mop in those hidden spots.


Freshen Your Floors

As long as you’re moving furniture, this is a great time to give your floors a thorough cleaning. Rent a carpet cleaner or have a professional come in and get those carpets cleaned and wax your wood floors.


Freshen Furniture

Give your upholstery a good cleaning and your leather a wipe down. Vacuum your pillows and cushions (use a very soft brush on leather) and tackle any stains you may have neglected. Make sure to check care labels to protect your furniture.


Refresh Your Refrigerator

Admit it – there’s probably something growing in your fridge. Now’s the time to get it cleaned out. Toss the old and expired items, give the walls, shelves, and drawers a thorough cleaning. Put a new open box of baking soda in to absorb odors. Don’t forget to wipe down the seals, sides, doors, and handles.


Scour Your Stove (and Your Oven)

Remove your burners and give them a thorough cleaning. Clean drip pans. Using disposable drip pan liners can make this job a little easier in the future. Degrease the stovetop. Clean up any major spills in your oven, and then set it to self-clean.


Bathe Your Bed

Strip off the pillows, sheets, and blankets and get them laundered. Give your mattress a good vacuum and a flip (FYI: you should flip/spin your mattress every 3 months for even wear). Consider using a hypoallergenic mattress cover.

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