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Ever since I stopped using my tumble dryer, I have been looking for ways to use dryer sheets that I had stockpiled. I wasn’t really that hopeful and thought I would only find a few ways to use dryer sheets other than for laundry. How surprised was I?

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Remove the Static from Your Clothes

Have you ever put on a top only for it to stick to you and make your hair stand on end because it is so full of static? If so then you’ll love this one of the ways to use dryer sheets. Wipe down your clothes with a dryer sheet and it will release the static and allow your clothes to flow free.


Keep Away Pests

Who’d have thought that a simple dryer sheet can keep away pests? Maybe it is the scent of them, but rodents, raccoons, mice and squirrels keep away from dryer sheets. Stuff them in those nooks and crannies around the house, in your RV and garden shed.


Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh

If you have particularly smelly shoes try sticking a dryer sheet in the bottom of them to keep them as fresh as a daisy. That way, when you take your shoes off at your friend’s house, they won’t demand that you put them back on or go home.


Car Freshener

Everyone always goes for the scented dangly thing that hangs from the windscreen mirror, but those smellies can be pretty overpowering. Try this one of the ways to use dryer sheets instead. Stuff a couple under your seats to leave your car smelling fresh.


Keep Biting Bugs at Bay

Before you head out to a garden party or out to the beach, rub yourself down with a dryer sheet. The bugs won’t find you quite so tasty. It has to be said that you might still need bug spray, however if you’re stuck in a jam then this will do the trick.


Freshen up Your Laundry Bin

Okay, so when the laundry bin is full of worn socks and gym clothes, it isn’t going to smell great. Stick a couple of dryer sheets at the bottom and you will stop the smell seeping out into your room, giving the illusion of fresh clothes!


Clean up Your Pots

I’m not sure what it is about dryer sheets, but they clean up your dirty pans a treat. When you have been frying something to a crisp, pour on warm water and add a dryer sheet to it. You’ll have that mystery meat off the pan in no time.


Freshen up the Floors

Sometimes when you hoover, it can smell a little like burnt dust afterwards- not the fresh clean smell you were after. One of the many uses for dryer sheets is to add a sheet to your vacuum bag for a fresh smelling carpet.


Scrub the Scum

If you’ve got a bit of a scummy shower, don’t be ashamed. Get a dryer sheet and give it a good old scrub until it shines. You can also do the bathroom and kitchen tiles with a dryer sheet; it brings them up gleaming.


Paintbrush Cleaning

How about this for new uses for dryer sheets? Soak your dirty paint brushes in a dryer sheet with warm water. That caked on paint will peel off in no time. Now there is no excuse not to clean your brushes after a painting session.


Clean the Car Windshield

Dead bugs blocking your vision when you drive? Dryer sheets do a fab job of lifting off those stuck on little critters. Add a little water and the dryer sheet will act like a sponge and ease them off. If you travel a lot and regularly have bugs stuck to your windscreen, then think about carrying some in your car.

Were you surprised by these great ways to use dryer sheets? How do you use yours?

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Don't forget fire fuel! They work great for that haha

They are also good for getting static out of your hair. Wipe down your hair with a fabric sheet or you can also put them in your pillow cases and it makes your bed smell good and your hair static free. Great tips! Thanks :)

I also use them to dust with!

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