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Do you need some ways to organise your accessories? Hair accessories, belts and shoes tend to spill all over your closet (and all over the floor), so organising them will allow you to easily find what you're looking for. You may even rediscover old favorites that you had forgotten about! Try these ways to organise your accessories and tidy up that closet …

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Hangers One of the neatest ways to organise your accessories is to get a hanger that's designed to store small items. You can get hangers for belts and ties (useful if your partner wears ties for work). These will then hang neatly without taking up much space, and you'll easily be able to find the right belt for your outfit.


Drawer Organisers

Drawer Organisers I must admit that I hadn't quite seen the point of drawer organisers until I bought one. But it's such a great way of storing socks and underwear. Instead of spilling all over the drawer, I can now easily find what I'm looking for, and lay my hands on a pair of socks without the annoyance of trying to find two that match.


Hang on Wall

Hang on Wall If you have pretty accessories like necklaces, hanging them on the wall makes them easily findable and stops them getting tangled up in a drawer. They will also look really cute if they're colorful. This is also a lovely way of displaying cute bags. Just put up some hooks or a shelf for the bags.


Wine Rack

Wine Rack I've discovered that a wine rack makes an excellent store for footwear. Though don't try squashing in wedges or boots! The great thing about wine racks is they're pretty cheap, and you can keep stacking them on top of each other if you have lots of pairs of shoes. Again, store them like this and you'll never have to hunt around for the other one of a pair.


Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes Smaller items like hair bands and ties can also be kept in storage boxes. You can get some really pretty boxes that will look good on your shelves, or can be tucked neatly away at the bottom of your closet. It might be helpful to label what's in them, so that you don't have to rummage through each box looking for something.


Tool Box

Tool Box A tool box is a really good place to keep your makeup, as it has several compartments of varying sizes. If you have a lot of makeup (too much to keep in a bag) this is the perfect way of keeping it under control! It will also have space to keep your brushes. A simple plastic tool box will do.


Toilet Roll

Lastly, if you or your daughter have a lot of hair ties, grab the inside of a toilet roll to make a really handy storage unit for the ties. It's so much better to store them like this than have them all over the place (they have a tendency to get dropped on the floor). Simply stretch them over the roll; you can paint the roll if you want, or cover it with patterned paper.

Try these hints, and your accessories will be perfectly organised! You'll know where everything is when you want it, and your closet will be tidy. What accessories couldn't you do without?

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Gives me so many ideas to organize my stuff now :))



Both organise and organize are correct. Organize is the preferred spelling in the US while outside the US the majority of people use organise.

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