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Do you dream of having an organized laundry room? Most women do. After all, this is a room where they find themselves spending a lot of time. I understand completely because I felt the same way. Let me tell you how I made the dream of an organized laundry room come true.

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Clean out the Junk

room,kitchen,laundry room,cabinetry,interior design, Laundry rooms are notorious for collecting junk. It is an out of the way room that can become a catch all, if you are not careful. This can happen even if you are not the one using it for storage. The first step to an organized laundry room is getting rid of all of the junk. Put things in their correct home or find them a home.


Pare down

room,product,furniture,laundry room,laundry, Laundry rooms are usually the last room to get organized. They are usually an afterthought when we do any deep cleaning. The next step to an organized laundry room is to pare down. Do you have a detergent you never use because you don’t like it? Give it to a friend. Go through all your items and get rid of what doesn’t work for you.


Set up a System

room,laundry room,laundry,ITALIE, If you set up a system for dirty laundry, you will have a better chance of keeping your laundry room organized. I use hampers divided into three sections. I label each section with the type of laundry load that is to be placed there. The most important step is to teach others your system so that each individual is sorting their dirty laundry. You can use another system but this one has worked out beautifully for me.


Clean It Regularly

room,product,laundry, It is easy to forget to clean your laundry room when you clean the rest of your house. Maybe it is because it is an out of the way room or there doesn’t seem like there is much to clean. Whatever the reason, it isn’t a good thing. Your laundry room needs to be cleaned the same as the rest of your home. Regularly clean the floors and wipe down your appliances.


Have a Place for Empty Hangers

room,property,kitchen,cabinetry,laundry room, If you don’t have a system for empty hangers, you need one. Otherwise, they end up in the way and everywhere in your laundry room. I have a rack in my laundry room that empty hangers are to be stored on. An empty laundry basket can work too. But having a set place for them can keep them out of your way until you need them.


Fold Immediately

product,laundry, Get in the habit of folding your clothing as soon as the dryer goes off. This prevents you from ending up with piles of clean clothing on top of your washer and dryer. It will also help you to cut down on the amount of wrinkles your clothing has. It is actually much easier to stay on top of your laundry this way. You just get in the habit of taking the few minutes it takes to fold your laundry when the dryer cycle finishes.


Clean the Hard to Reach Spots

There actually is more to clean in your laundry room than the floors and wiping the appliances down. The other cleaning tasks do not need to be done weekly. In order to truly have a clean laundry room, you need to wash the walls and light fixture from time to time. You also need to pull the washer and dryer out to clean behind and under them. Don’t be surprised if you find some sock mates hiding behind there or other missing items.

These steps can help you to have a clean and organized laundry room to enjoy. But I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What organizational tips can you share?

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