Adorable DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath ...


Adorable DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath ...
Adorable DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath ...

Make one of these for every season! Super simple. Super economical.

Cupcake liner wreaths may seem weird, but are super cute! When all you need from the dollar store are a foam wreath form, straight pins, and baking (cupcake) liners, any gal can do it!

Have fun with the colors and patterns of the baking (cupcake) liners. Is it Easter? Christmas? Summer? Fall?

Nice as a gift to yourself, a loved one or a friend. Also, if you know of a charity needing gifts for raffle tickets or a Chinese auction, one of these wreaths would be perfect to donate.

I hope you found the video interesting!

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