9 Ways to Use Plastic Wrap ...


There are plenty more ways to use plastic wrap than keeping your leftovers.

I love it when I find different and unexpected uses for everyday items that I usually have in the house anyway.2

I just had to share some ways to use plastic wrap – β€˜cos who doesn’t have a roll of plastic wrap – right?

1. Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

One of the ways to use plastic wrap is to place it on the outside of your refrigerator soon after you've cleaned it.

You may really want to try it if your refrigerator is beside your stove and gets cooking spatters regularly.

Plastic wrap will catch all the spatters and protect your refrigerator.

Next time, all you have to do is replace plastic wrap instead of cleaning it from scratch.

Try it to save a lot of elbow grease!

2. Protect Computer Keyboard

So, you've given your computer a 'holiday'.

That's great, but don't leave your keyboard unprotected or it will collect dust and grime between its keys.2

Simply cover it with plastic wrap to keep it safe during long periods of inactivity.

3. Remove Sticky Labels with Ease

You can use plastic wrap to remove stickers from hard surfaces.

All you need is plastic wrap and a splash of water.

Wet the sticker first and place your plastic wrap over it.

Use your fingers to smooth it down and make sure there are no air bubbles.

Leave it for a while before you take it off.

This will loosen the sticker and you should be able to peel it off easily.

Works like charm folks!

4. Treat a Hangnail


It hurts, isn't it?

Before you go to bed tonight, apply some hand cream on and around the area of your hangnail.

Now, cover your fingertip with plastic wrap – you may want to secure it with tape to keep it in place.

The plastic wrap will trap the moisture and soften your cuticle.

The chances are the problem will no longer be there in the morning

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