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7 Ways to Spruce up Old or Unloved Shoes ...

By Jelena

Are you looking for ways to spruce up old shoes, or turn a really boring pair into a bold fashion statement or something we see on the runways? Well, my ladies, it’s actually quite easy, totally creative and super fun to do! Oh, but don’t tell me you’ve never tried DIY shoe decoration before? Time to try it, for sure! And here are some ways to spruce up old shoes you'll totally love!

Table of contents:

  1. Blitz & glitz
  2. Blitz & glitz with a twist
  3. Trendy sole patterns
  4. Glitzy tips
  5. Designer-inspired feather heels
  6. Decoupage diy
  7. Glam spikes

1 Blitz & Glitz

One picture is worth a thousand words and a moving one probably even more, which is why I’ve chosen this video tutorial to help describe the first on my list of ways to spruce up old shoes! Platform pumps will be the perfect patient, too, as we all know the platform and the heel are usually the first to get scuffed! Furthermore, in case getting used to a platform trend has resulted in the downfall of your favorite shoes, adding some glitz to cover up the mess is a genius way to make them wearable again! Enjoy, get creative and let me know how it turned out!

2 Blitz & Glitz with a Twist

Speaking about DIY shoe decorations and creative ways to cover up scuffs, here’s something all of you artsy, advanced crafters might find interesting! Customize your glitzy shoes and show off your skills and creativity by applying the rhinestones in a certain pattern rather than just filling in the entire area of the shoe! Isn’t this cool?

3 Trendy Sole Patterns

From lipstick red Louboutin soles to pin-up Betsey Johnson designs, and fierce or trendy tribal and skull prints found on the bottoms of Iron Fist shoes – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out an answer to a very popular question! Do people really notice the bottom of the shoe? Yes, they do! And here’s a simple, easy way to glam-up your soles and make yourself fall in love with a pair you’ve been so-so about for a very long time. I’d use a scalpel, of course, and apply a coat of clean varnish but hey, I’m sure you’ll think of other ways to upgrade this cool idea and make your DIY project as clean and professional looking as possible!

4 Glitzy Tips

Oh, my gosh! This is amazing! Talk about ideas on how to revive old shoes – this gifted crafter sure has it all figured out! Thrifted shoes, plus Mod Podge plus glitter plus satin ribbons to replace plain old shoe laces, now that’s some serious creative work right there! Take a peek – I’m sure it will spark an idea!

5 Designer-Inspired Feather Heels

Reviving old shoes doesn’t have to end within the borders of fool-proof! Step out your comfort zone and do something different! Something that will make a pair of boring, generic shoes look designer! Take YSL feather shoes, for example – now would you pay all that cash to have them? I know I wouldn’t. What we can do, however, is take a similar suede model (and we all know curved and flared heels could be found just anywhere nowadays), stick some feathers onto them , wear them a few times, raise some eyebrows, score an applause here and there then convert them back into a basic everlasting pair or a base for an entirely different DIY project! How cool is that?

6 Decoupage DIY

Oh, la, la! Now these are some serious DIY shoe decorations right here! And what a great way to turn your worn out pair of favorite heels into a piece of art! Totally zany and totally unique – heck YES I’d wear these even despite the fact that they are a world away from any pieces I consider crucial for my personal style! How about you? Does this spark an idea?

7 Glam Spikes

Don’t try this at home! Just joking, ladies! Do try this at home but do make sure you’re extra careful with the electric drill as well! This last on my list of videos describing how to revive old shoes will definitely help you turn a pair of generic shoes into a designer inspired trendy accessory you’ll love to wear! Give it a go, be safe and rock your brand new, fierce looking babies like a celebrity!

There you go, ladies! So many wonderful ideas on how to revive old shoes, so many interesting projects you can copy-paste or build upon! Reviving old shoes and turning something that’s, in terms of what it can do to benefit your style, close to nothing into a really special something is a fun, creative process I’m sure you’ll enjoy! What do you think? And which one of these great DIY projects are you going to try?

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