7 Ways to Repurpose an Unneeded Gift ...

If you got a few things this year you don’t really need, there are several ways to repurpose an unneeded gift. You don’t want to return the gift because you know the giver’s heart was in the right place. But you can’t really use it either. Whether you turn it into something you can actually use or something to spruce up your place, there are many options for use than the original intention. Below are seven ways to repurpose an unneeded gift.

1. Tie

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It can be so easy to repurpose an unneeded gift. If your man received a tie he just isn’t going to use, there are other options rather than throwing it away. Ties can be added to dress-up gear if you’ve got young kids that are in the make believe playing phase. You can turn a tie into a trendy belt, or cut it a bit shorter for a super cute headband.

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