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If you're feeling as though clutter is getting on top of you and you can't find anywhere to store anything anymore, there are some simple ways to reclaim your living space this year which may help. Over the years, it can be easy to accumulate things and to 'grow' exponentially, whether it's as an individual, a couple or a family. You can find yourself bulging at the seams and finding ways to store things can be a challenge. Here are some ways to reclaim your living space which may help and are sure to keep you from being suffocated under the weight of chaos and confusion.

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Take It Slow

It can sometimes be overwhelming when you sit back and are faced with the magnitude of the task but the best thing to do is to take it slowly when you decide it's time to reclaim your living space. It's not a task which has to be tackled all in one day or weekend, it can be taken step by step. It does have to be tackled though. Remember, putting it off will only make matters worse!


Assess the Situation

Think about which room is most in need of tackling first. Do you have a disastrous dining area, or a chaotic kitchen? Or maybe you have a bulging bathroom? Whichever room you're looking to streamline, think about what you're going to tackle first and which room is most in need of your de-cluttering touch.


Have a System

At work you probably have a filing system, but at home, when you're reclaiming your living space, you will need a 'piling' system. This will enable you to ascertain what items to keep, which ones to give away and which ones to store away. When I have my regular wardrobe audit, which usually means taking everything out, laying it out on the floor and wishing I had never started, I have a piling system which helps a great deal.


Audit Storage

Have you considered all the potential storage space in your home? Are there any shelves you could put up and do you really need that exercise equipment that at the moment is merely serving as a clothes horse? Looking at the space you currently have and where you could have more potential storage space can help. You will be amazed at the possibilities, and when you look closely you will see how under-used your current space actually is.



It may be a case of looking at the way in which your home is organized, as you will sometimes be amazed by what can be achieved by simply moving furniture around. Have a go at moving large items of furniture (obviously not on your own!) and see whether simply shifting things around can create a little more space for you. Get creative and think outside the box...or the room!


Less is More

Think about the way in which your room is decorated or the amount of paraphernalia it contains. Pictures and family memorabilia or ornaments are great to have but sometimes they can collect dust and detract from the room itself. Too much going on can be a little hard for the brain to cope with, which is why a minimalist style a la Japanese or Scandinavian might help matters.


Storage Solutions

There are so many ways in which you can store items. Have you thought about the garage or the garden shed? Perhaps there is space under the bed to strategically place some vacuum packed clothes, which you can store for the summer season so they don't clutter your wardrobe? Perhaps there is a little space in your loft? You can even fasten brackets to the ceiling so that boxes can be stored on the ceiling. Ingenious. For more storage solutions, check out Kati Blake's ideas: 7 Ingenious Storage Solutions Every Home Needs.

There are many benefits of sitting back and looking at what you have and whether you need it all. Having an audit may also mean you can make a few dollars, as you may be able to sell some things that you no longer need. Does anyone have any hints and tips for reclaiming your living space this year?

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