9 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic ...

By Jordin

Looking for ways to make your bedroom more romantic? Having a romantic atmosphere in your room is a great way to promote relaxation, pillow talk, and overall bonding with your lover! Even if you aren’t looking to change the pace with your significant other, your bedroom should be a relaxing place for YOU to unwind at the end of a long day! Keep reading for my best tips and ways to make your bedroom more romantic!

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Make the Bed

Make the Bed One of the best ways to make your bedroom more romantic is by making up the bed! Nothing says “romance” like a bed made up with fluffy pillows! Well, maybe a few other things, but this is the start of making your room more romantic. It only takes a few minutes, so get in the habit of making your bed daily and using some fluffy throw pillows.



De-clutter It’s easy for your bedroom to become a catch-all, especially when you have a busy schedule and you’re attempting to keep your main living areas clean. Tossing whatever you don’t want company to see into your room can quickly result in piled up clutter! Break that habit now, and go through your room. Put away anything that doesn’t belong, sort through piles of forgotten clothes and papers, and clear it all away.


Say “No” to Electronics

Say “No” to Electronics This one can be tough, but I promise you it will do wonders for your romantic life! Say “no” to any and all TVs, computers, tablets, gaming systems, etc. in your room. This will ensure that you use your bedroom for what it’s intended for- intimacy, pillow talk, relaxation, and of course, sleep!


Change the Lighting

Change the Lighting Harsh bedroom lighting can kill romantic moods at the snap of a finger! It can also make it hard to relax and get ready for a good night's rest. So get rid of the overhead lights and add some lamps, and maybe some bulb string lights above your headboard. Soft lighting is more flattering than harsh lighting anyways!


Personalize with Photos

Personalize with Photos Your bedroom should only, and I repeat ONLY have photos of you and your lover! It’s going to be hard to get into a romantic mood with your grandmother or your nephew staring at you from the picture frames! Set out photos of you and your sweetheart around the room to personalize and make the space “yours.”

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Add a Little Beauty

Add a Little Beauty Make your room more romantic and inviting by adding touches of beauty! Deep, rich colors suggest intimacy, light pastel colors are relaxing and romantic, while bright and vibrant hues are pleasing and stimulating! Choose a color palette you love, and then add curtains, rugs, or lamps that make you feel relaxed and romantic! Fresh flowers or nice artwork on the wall can make some nice focal points.


Use a Pleasant Scent

Use a Pleasant Scent There are many options for scenting your room! A few places to start include candles, Scentsy, plug-in air fresheners, essential oils, room sprays, scent diffusers, or fresh flowers. Sheet sprays are also fun to experiment with if you aren’t sensitive to them. Make your room smell pleasant, and then you will want to be in there more often!


Make Time to Be in Your Room with Your Lover

Make Time to Be in Your Room with Your Lover There’s no point in making your room more romantic if you never actually use it! So make it a point to go to bed on time (or early) with your lover! Utilize the space if you put time and effort into it. Intimacy is good for your health and your emotional well being, so make time for it!


Make Your Room a Haven

Make Your Room a Haven You can make your bedroom an escape from the world, a place where you can unwind and spend time with no one but your sweetheart. Your room shouldn’t be a place for chores, or homework, or projects, or anything else. Use your room for three things only: relaxing, intimacy, and sleeping! This will turn it into a retreat, a haven, a getaway for you and your lover!

Having a romantic bedroom is possible, even if it will take a little work to get there! These tips are a great jumpstart to making your room a bit more romantic and inviting. Is there anything you would add to this list? Thanks so much for reading!

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I agree with not having any electronics in the bedroom and keeping it a place for relaxation, intimacy and sleep only. Great article!