7 Ways to Get Spa like Treatments at Home ...


Going to the spa is expensive, but you can get spa like treatments at home for a fraction of the cost. Although we love to go to the spa to relax, we mostly love going to the spa because of the way we look afterwards. However, it’s easy to get the same look at home if you’re creative enough! Here are some spa like treatments at home to help improve your appearance.

1. Oil and Sugar

Oil and Sugar

One way to get spa like treatments at home is by exfoliating your body. Ever wanted to try a full body microdermabrasion? Me too! Do you have the money for it? Me neither. Instead, a homemade alternative is brown sugar (or white, if necessary) and oil. Stir together extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar. Then, gently rub the mixture over your body in small circles – don’t rub for too long or else your skin will become sensitive and irritated. After you’ve exfoliated your body, take a hot shower to rinse off the homemade scrub. Once you’ve finished your shower, make sure to immediately moisturize your body with a super hydrating lotion. Repeat this process once a week and your skin will be smooth and glowing.

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