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There are a lot of things you can do to relax and pamper yourself at home. It's important to set aside time to do the things you love. It's also equally important to set aside quiet time to pamper yourself at home. Finding ways to recharge both when you need it most and as a routine, will keep you less stressed and happy. Read on for some of the best ways to do just that!

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Make Your Space a Haven

Make Your Space a Haven The best way to pamper yourself at home is to make your home a haven. Your home should be the place you completely recharge. When you walk in the door or into your bedroom—whether you're greeted by cuddly pets or lush green plants—you should feel instantly relaxed, calm and serene. Take note of what it is you like about your favorite places outside of home, and find way to integrate that style into your space. Also set up nooks for your favorite activities: a corner chair stacked with pillows and a reading lamp, or a yoga mat next to a bright, open window, for example.


Keep a Candy Bowl

Keep a Candy Bowl What's your sweet splurge? Whether it be dark chocolate, caramels or minty treats, find your splurge in "mini-treat" form and keep a pretty little bowl stocked! Like keeping a healthy fruit bowl, your candy bowl will be there for when you need a pick-me-up and little piece of pampering. And in such a little form, you won't feel bad when you ball up and toss that one little wrapper!


Create Spa Rituals

Create Spa Rituals It's great to have a full-on spa night, but when you don't have the time, regular routines will keep you feeling pampered. On Sundays, I like to exfoliate and use a different moisturizer to keep my skin surprised. Every Sunday, this feels like a treat. You can do this with a lot of things! Try home-remedy, all-natural face masks, a weekly nail polish or a deep-conditioning hair treatment. Build variety into caring for yourself, and you'll feel pampered in your very own home spa!


Schedule Quiet Nights in

Schedule Quiet Nights in Set aside quiet nights for you or you and your significant other to get back into the calm zone. Put all phones aside, turn off computer alerts, put on some relaxing music, pour a glass of wine and cook a good meal from bare ingredients. Take your time! It's a very natural way to get back in touch and feel grounded again, especially if you've been under a lot of stress. Knowing that you're taking care of yourself and your body, and not just whipping up a rushed meal in a hurry, will make you feel pampered. If baking is more your thing, bake up your favorite dessert. Kneading the dough, pouring the sprinkles and even cracking the eggs also have a way of making you feel grounded.


Recreate Bath Time

Recreate Bath Time You may have hated baths as a kid, but nowadays - especially in cold weather - you probably love 'em! Make bath time a ritual in itself. Grab your favorite soft towel, an exfoliating sponge, a bath pillow and a good book or magazine. Mix-up your baths with soothing music, candles and different salts, glitter balls or bubble baths. If you still like rubber ducks or the kiddie bubbles best, keep them around! Nothing is too kiddie or too luxurious for bath time!


Splurge, Sometimes

Splurge, Sometimes I've often found that finding just the right makeup brush or picking out dainty PJ's can make me feel pampered! You deserve to splurge on the right products and tools that will help you get the results you want, or just pretty little nothings now and then. Just don't splurge on everything - find what's most important to you!


Try Natural

Try Natural I'm currently trying to integrate more natural products into my lifestyle. Knowing that I'm helping the environment and using more basic ingredients feels good. I like the fresher smell of what I'm putting on my skin, and having an understanding of what's going into it. See if going natural feels like pampering to you! Try olive oil for eye makeup remover, avocado for hair conditioner, yogurt face masks or homemade fruit smoothies.


Indulge in the Simple

Indulge in the Simple Find pampering effects in the simple things. If you love to cook, enjoy using your bright-colored utensils or prepping bowls. Set up your favorite colored towels in the bathroom. Spray perfume on a huge silk flower propped next to your bed. Remembering the simple things that make you smile throughout the day is all a part of pampering yourself in the little ways, every single day.

Enjoy the many ways you can pamper yourself at home and look forward to a more relaxed outlook. Keep in tune with what makes you feel most indulgent, and integrate more of it into your lifestyle. What other things make you feel pampered at home?

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The candy bowl.. Guests love it! Started it when I moved in w my bf 6 yrs ago n could never get rid of it bc my friends would miss it lol

Sounds good... Usually I'm so tired drone the week just quiet is good

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