8 Ways to DIY and Steal Diane Kruger's Summer Style ...


8 Ways to DIY and Steal Diane Kruger's Summer Style ...
8 Ways to DIY and Steal Diane Kruger's Summer Style ...

How cute is Diane Kruger's summer style? You can check out the whole outfit here. While I am not a fan of the tied-up shirt look, I do think that there is a way to make this 10x more adorable. And yep, I am talking about going the DIY way. We have here a list of 8 projects that will help you steal Diane Kruger's summer style. You can do one or two or everything; or you can take inspiration from them to create your own summer look. Happy crafting, stylistas!

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Long Strap Bucket Bag

Long Strap Bucket Bag One way to steal Diane Kruger's summer style is to make a lovely bucket bag. This tutorial (find the links for the complete tutorial on the last page of this post) will show you a way to sew a gold faux leather bucket bag with a long strap. If you want a bag much closer in style to what Diane used, using floral fabric is the way to go.


Rope Bucket Bag

Rope Bucket Bag Does this not exude a more summery look? I love the rope strap and the printed fabric. If you're not a fan of the long-strap bucket bag, this version should suit you just fine. Personally, I prefer this because it looks like it can hold a lot of my things.


Glitter Sandals

Glitter Sandals This is a DIY that I have linked to before. Since this is very similar to what Diane Kruger is wearing, I thought I should highlight it here again. You will need a pair of H&M sandals for this DIY project. You glue glitter to the front straps, seal with clear nail polish, let dry, and you're done.


Mod Podged Glitter Sandals

Mod Podged Glitter Sandals Here is another way to add glitter to an old pair of sandals. Instead of using normal white glue, you will be using Mod Podge. You will have to use this amazing product if you want your DIY glitter sandals to last much longer.


Cut-off Shorts

Cut-off Shorts Does your summer mean donning a pair of cut-off shorts? If you answered yes, you may just be style twins with Diane Kruger. To make your own pair of cut-off shorts, you will need a pair of old jeans with the bottom parts cut off. Distress the hem and wear with style.


Sleeveless Button-down

Sleeveless Button-down Don't you think Diane Kruger would have looked sassier had she worn this type of button-down shirt? If you agree, you will love this tutorial on turning an old long-sleeve button-down into a lovely summer staple. Basically, it involves cutting off the sleeves and then replacing the old, boring buttons with gold ones.


Blouse Reconstruction

Blouse Reconstruction Looking to copy Diane's printed shirt look? This easy DIY idea from Chictopia has got you covered. It gives you fantastic instructions on how to cut off the sleeves and make the hem much shorter to get a midriff look.


Cat Eye Sunnies

Cat Eye Sunnies Sure, you can get cat eye sunnies in just about any boutique now, but there is a way to DIY a pair if you're feeling crafty. As you can see, you will only need an old pair of sunnies, black leather, hot glue, scissors, and markers. You cut the leather into cat eye shapes, glue them onto the top corners of your sunnies, and you're done!

Ready to rock the summer, Diane Kruger style? Show us your DIY fashion looks!

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