7 Adorable DIY Tank Top Ideas for the Summer ...

If the heat wave has been quite unforgiving in your part of the world, we are here to offer respite in the form of DIY tank top ideas. Most of these are cute ways to give plain tank tops a makeover. Others are fabulous refashions and some are sewing projects that you need to construct from scratch. I hope I got your DIY fashion senses tingling; let's go make cute DIY tank tops, shall we?

1. Neon Feathers

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Our first DIY tank top idea is a simple makeover. You take an old tank top that has seen better days, draw feathers by the neckline using textile marker, and then color them in with neon fabric paint. Easy, right? If you don't like the look of neon, using more subdued colors will also work.

Tutorial Source: blog.dawanda.com

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