7 Ways to Create More Space in a Single-Wide Trailer ...


Believe it or not, there are always new ways to create more space in a single-wide trailer. Even if you think you’ve used every available inch of storage space, think again. The following suggestions may help you discover a brand new way to create more space in a single-wide trailer that you haven’t already tried. Of course, these space-saving tips are not just for trailers. They’ll work well in any small home.

1. Captain’s Bed

A captain’s bed can create more space in a single-wide trailer because the bed frame has built-in drawers. If your bedroom has tight closet space, these drawers are useful for storing seasonal clothing, like winter coats. Another option for under-the-bed storage is bed stilts. These stilts are sold at many bedding stores with several different available heights. Simply place them under the legs of your bed frame so you can store items underneath.

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