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When my husband was away from home for a one-month long business trip, I was busy researching for ideas for a welcome home party. He works so hard for the family and deserves the warmest, greatest, and sweetest welcome home surprise when he gets back. I tried the power of “Google” to look for ideas for a welcome home party but most of the suggestions I found were too generic. So I thought about what my husband would love to see after a long, exhausting work month and realized that it’s best to do what’s closest to his heart:

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Custom Neon Sign

The husband works hard to provide for the family and when he comes back he deserves a warm and sweet welcome home surprise. And what can be more fun than a novel idea of a personalized neon sign!

Custom Neon Signs can be designed and customized to your liking. You can add whatever elements you want, such as colors, shapes, your husband’s favorite anime characters, and words of encouragement, and you can even add loving pictures.

These elements are sure to put a happy smile on his face.   Hang your custom neon sign in the most visible place in your home. This will allow your husband to discover the surprise you have prepared for him when he comes home, and he will also know how considerate you are. It is truly are loving gesture that takes time and planning to organize which will show him how much you care.


Welcome home parties are a great way to show your loved one how much you care when they come home from a long trip or deployment. With a little bit of creativity, you can make a special welcome home banner that will be sure to make your loved one smile.

For this DIY welcome home banner, all you need is eight sheets of A4-sized bond paper, some colored pens, and double-sided tape. To put it together, you can simply tape the bond paper sheets together using the double-sided tape. Then, write a heartfelt message on the banner with the colored pens. For this particular banner, the message was “Welcome Home, Daddy Jeff!”

Once the banner is complete, you can hang it up with two strings. In this case, the strings were taken from the twins’ teddy bears. When Jeff opened the door, he was welcomed with the banner that was specially made for him.


A DIY Welcome Home Banner

This is not revolutionary but I consider it as one of my best ideas for a welcome home party because of the amount of work I put into making this banner. I couldn't find any poster board here in China so I used eight sheets of A4-sized bond-paper for the banner. I “connected” them using double-sided tape. Using colored pens, I wrote: “Welcome Home, Daddy Jeff!” I used two strings (which I removed from the twins’ teddy bears) and used them to tie both sides of the banner to the wall. The moment Jeff opened the main door, he read the words and smiled … a really big smile!


This DIY welcome home banner was created by a mother for her husband's return from a trip to China. She used eight sheets of A4-sized bond paper and connected them using double-sided tape. The banner had the words "Welcome Home, Daddy Jeff!" written in colored pens. The mother also used strings from her twins' teddy bears to tie the banner to the wall. When her husband arrived, he was greeted with a heartwarming banner that made him smile. This simple yet thoughtful gesture added a personal touch to the welcome home party and showed the love and effort put in by the mother to make her husband feel special.

Frequently asked questions

Hey! You can never go wrong with some classic balloons, streamers, and a big 'Welcome Home' banner. Fairy lights add a fantastic touch too. And personal photos? Total warmth!

Absolutely, personalize it! Think about their favorite music, food, and drinks. Maybe a small photo slideshow or a video message from friends and family will hit the spot perfectly.

Oh, totally! How about a photo booth with silly props? A memory jar where guests can write down their favorite moments with the guest of honor could be sweet. And don't forget some fun games or even a karaoke session!

No worries! You can still create magic on a budget. DIY decorations can be super cheap. Also, potluck-style parties where guests bring a dish can save on costs and add variety to the food.

Oh, you can do so many special things! Maybe a private dinner before the party or a scrapbook with your favorite memories together. Just make sure it's packed with all the things he loves and you'll be golden!


Balloons Galore

Jeff celebrated his birthday in August, a few days after he arrived home. My Mom helped me with the balloons – we put some of them in the living room and a lot of them in our bedroom. Jeff was already surprised when he saw the banner. Imagine how wider his smile stretched when he saw the balloons in our bedroom!


Welcome home parties are a great way to show your loved one how much you care. To make the party even more special, why not surprise your partner with a bag of gifts?

The bag of gifts mentioned in the article can be filled with items that your partner needs but always forgets to buy. For example, an eye mask with cooling gel can help them relax and get a good night's sleep after a long day. Hand cream is also a great idea, as it helps to keep hands moisturized and soft. Other items you could include are a nice scented candle, a cozy blanket, and a travel mug for their morning coffee.

When it comes to decorating the room, you can add a few personal touches to make it extra special. Get creative with the decorations and use items like streamers, balloons, and banners. You can also add photos of the two of you together to make the room feel even more welcoming.

Finally, don't forget to add some delicious snacks and drinks. A few bottles of wine, some cheese and crackers, and some chocolates are all great options.


A Bag of Gifts

The welcome home surprise didn't end there. On top of the bed was a paper bag that contained some little gifts that my husband needs but always forgets to buy. What’s inside the bag? Well, two of them are: an eye mask with cooling gel and hand cream.


The article, "Putting Together a Touching Welcome Home Party," published on a women-focused blog under the DIY category, shares a heartwarming story of a wife's surprise welcome home party for her husband. Along with the beautifully decorated room, the wife also prepared a paper bag filled with thoughtful gifts for her husband. These gifts included an eye mask with cooling gel and hand cream, items that her husband often forgets to buy for himself. This small gesture added an extra touch of love and consideration to the already special welcome home party.


A Personal Card with Lots and Lots of Pictures

Think Hallmark Cards; that’s us. I like looking for templates online, print them and decorate them with a lot of pictures. For Jeff’s welcome home card, I printed photos of our date nights, our family movie days, and the twins’ daily activities. I wrote a personal message too even with my terrible handwriting. The welcome home card has now joined the Father’s Day card on his bedside table.


In addition to creating a personalized welcome home card, the author also shares her love for finding templates online and decorating them with photos. She mentions using this technique for other occasions as well, such as Father's Day. The author also admits to having terrible handwriting, but still took the time to write a personal message for her husband. This card now sits on his bedside table, along with other sentimental cards. This shows the importance of personal touches and how they can make a lasting impact on loved ones.


Fresh Bed Sheets

While he was away, my husband kept on telling me about his “horrible bed that felt like a cold slab on my back”. So before I came home, I asked the cleaners for fresh bed sheets so his first night after the long trip will be as comfortable as possible. He didn't notice it but he slept really well that night. No complaints.


“Home” Food

Oh how he missed “real” food. Homesickness is a disease that we can’t avoid. We can catch it anytime, anywhere. Jeff had it bad. I diagnosed it before he even showed early symptoms. Two days before his scheduled return flight, I made sure his breakfast staples (slices of bacon, potatoes, eggs and skimmed milk) were ready for his mighty comeback.


Clean, Nice-Smelling House

Our home is a total wipe-out especially after the twins’ morning and afternoon playtime. It’s a real challenge to clean up after the hurricane that involved a lot of running, throwing (of toys), and moving chairs and tables. With the help of my Mom, I was able to keep the toys tidy (even for a just a short while) so Jeff won’t trip on his way from the main door to the living room to the bedroom. Everything was arranged and smelled nice when he arrived.

Do you have any more ideas for a welcome home surprise?

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