8 Very Simple Steps to Making a Cute Monogram Nursery Dcor ...


8 Very Simple Steps to Making a Cute Monogram Nursery Dcor ...
8 Very Simple Steps to Making a Cute Monogram Nursery Dcor ...

I have just been commissioned to make a monogram nursery decor and I thought I'd share the steps for one of the letters here. This is one simple project for the home. Even if you don't have a baby, you can still make a monogram nursery decor for your own room. I'm planning to make an M one to hang somewhere in my craft area, in fact. Let's get crafting, shall we?

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Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials To make a monogram nursery decor, you will need an embroidery hoop, printed fabric, plain or contrasting fabric, iron-on interfacing, thread, and a sewing machine. Optional materials are rope and superglue. As for the size of the embroidery hoop, you can pick any that you like. Mine was the small 6-inch variety.


Cut Your Monogram

Cut Your Monogram Your letter will be cut in the contrasting fabric. I cut mine before I fused it with the interfacing. You can do this the other way around. However, if you did what I did, you will need to iron the interfacing to the back of your letter at this point. Yes, my ironing board is pirate-themed. Using this fun fabric was the only thing that would make ironing a less taxing task. For me, anyway.


Cut off Excess and Clean

Cut off Excess and Clean Once your fabric letter has been fused to the interfacing, cut off the excess with your scissors. You will also want to polish the shape of your letter at this point. I found mine to be longer than my embroidery hoop, so I shaved off a few centimeters from the top and bottom.


Prepare Fabric for Hoop

Prepare Fabric for Hoop Set your interfaced letter aside. Now take your printed fabric and place the embroidery hoop on top. Cut a section of the fabric that fits your embroidery hoop. This doesn't have to be circular.


Sew Your Monogram

Sew Your Monogram Now place your interfaced letter to the center of this printed fabric. Top stitch all around using your sewing machine. For this part, I recommend thread that beautifully contrasts your letter. You will also want to sew beyond the edges of your letter, to give your stitching a more hand drawn feel.


Frame with the Hoop

Frame with the Hoop Now we frame the fabric using the embroidery hoop. Make sure that your fabric is taut and smooth. You will also want the screw closure of your hoop right above the top section of your letter. You will hang this nursery décor using this screw part and you will not want your monogram to look all skewed.


Trim Fabric

Trim Fabric Turn your hoop upside down and trim the fabric. You will want to snip right to the hoop. This can be accomplished easily using thread scissors, I have found out.



Finish This part is completely optional. At this point, your DIY monogram nursery decor is practically done. You can go ahead and hang it your little kid's room. However, if, like me, you don't like the thought of leaving the underside with visible bits of fabric, you can give this last step a go. Take a piece of rope (should be similar in color to your hoop) and superglue to the underside. And that's it!

Wasn't that easy? If you don't have a sewing machine, you can hand-stitch your letter to the printed fabric, too. Use embroidery floss for a more whimsical effect.

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