15 Uses for Beer 🍺 You Probably Never 🤔 Imagined 🗯 ...

Beer, I’m sure we can all agree that it is a wonderful thing! There is nothing quite like cracking a cold one with your friends in the summer time with a delicious BBQ going in the corner, but have you ever thought about the ways beer can be used beer can be used for which don’t involve you drinking as many as you can? You might be surprised by the variety! Here are fifteen uses of beer that you probably never imagined!

1. Marinade

Beer is a wonderful thing to marinate meats in. The acidic nature of the drink acts as a great tenderizer, and thanks to the chemical makeup, the taste doesn’t get too altered by the heat!

2. Slug Killer

Pour some beer into jars and bury them in your garden with the rims at the surface of the soil. Slugs are attracted to the smell of beer, but once they fall in the jar there’s no coming back!

3. Removing Stains

Beer is actually really useful for getting out tea and coffee stains in carpets and furniture! Just pour a bit over the stain and rub lightly until you notice a difference.

4. Hair Volume

Mix three tablespoons of beer with half a cup of water and pour it through your hair after shampooing. The proteins in the beer will help to heal damaged follicles and also add volume!

5. Loosen Bolts

If you have any rusty bolts that you need to loosen, then pour some beer over them and wait for a few minutes. The acid will start to break down the rust.

6. Jewellery Polish

You don’t need to buy an expensive polish for your jewellery. The carbonic acid in beer will do just as good a job of dissolving oils and removing dirt.

7. Cooking Rice

Have a go at cooking something like basmati or jasmine rice using beer instead of water. The end result is delicious!

8. Wood Polish

Flat beer is really good for polishing wood floors and wooden furniture. It helps to loosen stubborn dust whilst the malt also enhances the wood’s hue.

9. Opening Clams

Boil your clams in a pot of equal parts water and beer, you will find that they start to open much quicker, and also get a great taste boost!

10. Brown Spots

Professional gardeners say that beer can be used to fix brown spots on your lawn. Pour some on the affected areas and the acids in the drink will kill fungus and the fermented sugars with help to stimulate plant growth.

11. Attract Butterflies

If you like to see butterflies in your garden, then mix beer with a mashed overripe banana and spread it on your tree trunks. They will be attracted to it like nothing else!

12. Cleaning Copper

You can clean all of your copper kitchen utensils using beer. Soak them in the drink for a long time and the acidic properties will help remove stains and grime.

13. Pedicure

Mix some stale beer in a bowl of warm water and soak your feet in it. The yeast in the beer helps to soften the touch skin on your soles and heels.

14. Mosquito Deterrent

If you want to keep the mossies away, you can put a bucket of stale beer in the corner of your garden. It will draw them to it and keep them in that one small area.

15. Shiny Taps

The fizziness and acids of beer can do wonders for making your bathroom faucets nice and shiny again if they have become somewhat dull.