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21 Desk Organization Ideas to Help You Pull Yourself Together at Work ...

By Eliza

If your desk is anything like mine, it's overflowing with stuff. It's frustrating to need something and have to hunt through pile after pile of other junk. It's time to get organized! The ideas I've gathered should be all the inspiration you need to create a calm and organized work space, whether it's at the office or at home.

Table of contents:

  1. Make a universal desk for everyone to use
  2. Diy idea to decorate your desk
  3. Carve out a nook in an unused closet
  4. Use pretty boxes or store papers
  5. Make it pretty
  6. Hang clipboards above your desk
  7. Don't underestimate the power of color coding
  8. Use lots of color
  9. Use trays to hold up books and store papers
  10. Use a tray to corral pens and pencils
  11. Jars are great for small items
  12. Put a rolling cart next to your desk so you have more room
  13. A vase of flowers is really fun
  14. Command center on the counter
  15. Install shelving underneath
  16. Create a a tray for every day
  17. Get an organizer that doesn't take up a lot of space
  18. White and gold work space
  19. Use the wall for sttorage & organization when the work space itself is small
  20. Use clear containers so you can see what you have

1 Make a Universal Desk for Everyone to Use

2 DIY Idea to Decorate Your Desk

3 Carve out a Nook in an Unused Closet

4 Use Pretty Boxes or Store Papers

5 Make It Pretty

6 Hang Clipboards above Your Desk

7 Don't Underestimate the Power of Color Coding

8 Use Lots of Color

9 Use Trays to Hold up Books and Store Papers

11 Use a Tray to Corral Pens and Pencils

12 Jars Are Great for Small Items

13 Put a Rolling Cart Next to Your Desk so You Have More Room

14 A Vase of Flowers is Really Fun

15 Command Center on the Counter

16 Install Shelving underneath

17 Create a a Tray for Every Day

18 Get an Organizer That Doesn't Take up a Lot of Space

19 White and Gold Work Space

20 Use the Wall for Sttorage & Organization when the Work Space Itself is Small

21 Use Clear Containers so You Can See What You Have

Which idea do you think you'll use the most? What other organization tips do you have?

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