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7 Best Secrets to Staying Organized in Your Day to Day Life ...

By Alicia

I can really help you out with the secrets to staying organized in your day to day life. Organized is a term that my closest friends and family often use to describe me. While I am not perfect in this skill, I can offer you some great secrets to staying organized that I have learned. It can help your life to flow a whole lot smoother, too.

1 Buy a Planner and Use It

One of the top secrets to staying organized is to buy a planner and use it. A planner can help you to keep all of your appointments in one place. You can also write yourself reminders on days you need them. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to send cupcakes to school or forgetting to drop something off at the dry cleaner's this way. A planner can go a long way in keeping you organized.

2 Write Yourself Notes

It can be helpful to write yourself notes. You can write yourself notes to help you remember many different kinds of things. You can also write yourself notes in order to label things. This is helpful to know what things are stored in storage. This is also helpful to keeping things organized like family photos.

3 Have a Place for Everything

If you want organization in your home, you need to have a place for everything. This may sound overwhelming at first but it can be done. Choose one room and start there. It is usually good to start with a small room such as your bathroom or a laundry room. There is no time limit to this project so you can just take your time and organize it exactly as you want it.

4 Avoid the Temptation to Hoard

Hoarding is the enemy of organization. Make every attempt to avoid this habit. This does not mean that you cannot keep things for sentimental reasons. You can, just be careful to store them neatly. But if something has no sentimental value to you and is not something you use, it is time to part ways.

5 Make Lists

Lists will keep you organized. You can make a grocery list to make sure you do not forget anything at the grocery store. You can make a daily to do list to keep you on track with your time and goals. You can make a Christmas list of all those you need to shop for and to help you keep track of your ideas for each person. Lists can bring order to most any situation.

6 Work on Time Management

Time management is a great help when it comes to organization. Losing track of time will land you in disorganization. You can certainly relax when you wish to do so, just be sure to do that as time allows. Staying on task will help you to get more done each day. This is definitely something most of us have to work at.

7 Read Some Books

If you would like even more ideas for organization, there are many ways you can learn. Reading books about the subject can help you greatly. You can learn about organizing in as broad or as small of a way as you like. There are books on how to organize your home, your office or many other individualized areas. You can get some really creative ideas about organization this way.

Organization is something that can make your life a lot less stressful. What is your best organizational tip? I can’t wait to read them!

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