This is How to Turn Your IG Pics into Artwork ...


This is How to Turn Your IG Pics into Artwork ...
This is How to Turn Your IG Pics into Artwork ...

If you take a fabulous Instagram photo it’s nice to know that other people can admire it, but is that enough. Is it so lovely you want to display it permanently? Whether it’s a stunning travel photo that captured the ultimate view or that time your niece made that face, there are some great ways to turn your Instagram photos into works of art to put them on show.

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Canvas Pop allows you to create really high-resolution prints of your best photos on 12 or 20 inch squared canvas. They are little pricey at between $40 and $114 dollars, but they last forever and look amazing when mounted in a perfect spot in your home.


Blurb brings the old school idea of a physical photo album back to life for just $21 by creating a softcover book of up to 60 pages that is filled with all of your most liked and most commented Instagram photographs. Great for a gift or a coffee table book.


One of the best ways to make wall art from your Instagram photos is to use Social Print Studio. The company gives you lots of options for printing your Instagram snaps ranging from small print outs all the way to 20 by 40-inch poster size canvases that you can put pride of place on your living room wall.


Artifact Uprising offers a more refined photo experience in the way that is incorporates reclaimed pinewood to create clipboard calendars that display a different Instagram print for each month of the year. They also specialize in amazing wood blocks that come with 12 different prints to change throughout the year.


You can create an awesome display piece in your home by using Boo Box to get a four inch Instagram photo of your choice placed in to a bamboo shadowbox. The process costs around $20 but the final product will last for years.


This awesome company allows you to turn your favorite Instagram snaps in to a book of one-inch stickers. You can then use these stickers to decorate your schoolbooks, your computer, literally anything you can think of with a flat surface!


Another great way to print your Instagram photos is through PostalPix. It’s an iPhone app that prints four-inch Instagram style squares from your camera roll for only 33 cents a piece. You can get other sizes too, but I think these little print outs are perfect for making a collage on a wall or in a frame.


If fridge magnets are more your thing, than head over to Sticky9 where you can create high quality magnets from all of your favorite Instagram photos. Perhaps one of you looking your worst and one of you looking your best for food choice motivational purposes!


If you are decorating your bathroom and want to add a personal, quirky touch to the new design, then ImageSnap is definitely the thing for you. You can choose your favorite, most memorable Instagram photos and have them turned in to small tiles that you can then incorporate in to the tiling in your bathroom. Alternatively, these tiles can also be turned in to magnets for your fridge, or made in to a cool collage for your living room!

Not only will these look great in your own home, they make fabulous gifts too.

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