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These Smell so Good DIY Face Mask Recipes That Are Easy to Make ...

By Meream

Do you feel that your beauty regimen could use an update? If you're leaning towards something organic, we suggest going the DIY way. We have here 9 fantastic DIY recipes for making your very own facial masks. We chose DIY face mask recipes that are so easy to make, you will want to try them all. Happy “cooking!”

1 Use Oatmeal

Use OatmealThis is one DIY face mask recipe that you will want to gobble up. It should be edible, sure, but give your skin a chance to experience this organic goodness first. For this recipe, you will be mixing only rolled oats, hot milk, and raw honey.


2 Add Some Hibiscus

Add Some HibiscusThat is one gorgeous shade of pink! There is no doubt that something this beautiful will help in keeping your skin lovely and clean. This particular DIY face mask recipe will call for aloe vera gel, brown rice flour, plain yogurt, and hibiscus flower. You can get the latter dried and ready for use from several online stores or your nearest health shop.


3 Sprinkle in Some Cinnamon

Sprinkle in Some CinnamonHere is another DIY face mask recipe that you will be tempted to lick off your skin. Perfect for exfoliating and for keeping acne at bay, this recipe requires ground flaxseed, cinnamon, honey, and a quarter of a cup of plain yogurt. Mix all ingredients, leave on skin for ten minutes, and then rinse off with warm water.


4 Use Only Two Ingredients

Use Only Two IngredientsThis recipe will call for two ingredients that have been mentioned in previous DIY face mask mixtures. We are referring to plain yogurt and honey. Combine them, apply to your skin, and rinse off after several minutes.


5 Mix Papaya and Pineapple

Mix Papaya and PineappleTalk about tropical lush! You will be tempted to turn this fruit mixture into a healthy smoothie, for sure. But if you're not particularly thirsty and you simply want to pamper your skin, this recipe is perfect, too. You will simply juice the fruits and then add some honey. Apply to your skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off and moisturize after.


6 Mix Some Cucumber

Mix Some CucumberIf you have been looking for an acne-fighting beauty product that is 100% organic, this recipe is for you. Apart from the cucumber, you will need fresh aloe vera gel, essential oil (tea tree and lavender should be perfect), and 2 tablespoons of full fat milk powder. For your mixture to work well, make sure that you blend the cucumber and aloe vera well. You will want to come up with a silky smooth DIY face mask.


7 Mush up Some Avocado

Mush up Some AvocadoHere we have another face mask recipe that requires only two ingredients: avocado and olive oil. Who knew that making face masks is a lot simpler than mixing a salad, right? This mixture may be simple but it packs quite a punch. Avocado has anti-aging properties while olive oil is known for its antioxidants.


8 Use European Clay Powder

Use European Clay PowderClay is one of the top beauty ingredients used in spas. And you can DIY your own mixture using an item that you can source from Amazon. How amazing is that? Aside from the European clay powder, this recipe also calls for cold water or jojoba oil and a few drops of lavender oil.


9 Mix Some Champagne

Mix Some ChampagneChampagne in your DIY face mask? Intriguing! Don't worry, you will not be using a large volume of champagne; I know you'd rather drink it. This recipe will call for only ¼ cup of champagne, Bentonite clay powder, and some yogurt. You can also use half and half heavy cream instead of yogurt.


Go ahead and choose natural and organic for your beauty routine. Make the first step using one of the recipes above.

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