The Best Instagram PartyHacks to Get Ready for the Holidays ...


The Best Instagram PartyHacks to Get Ready for the Holidays ...
The Best Instagram PartyHacks to Get Ready for the Holidays ...

Are you ready for the holidays? Honestly, I can't believe how fast time flies! But enough of that, we want to help you get ready for all those holiday parties and ensure that everything is Instagram-ready so you can show off all of your amazing party hacking skills. Get ready for your most epic holiday party ever with some of these helpful tips from Brit Co!

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Holiday Cheese Plate

dish, food, salad, produce, vegetable, Just about everyone loves cheese but you can make it even more enjoyable by arranging your cheese plate into a holiday tree. Cut a piece of parchment paper into a tree shape, lay it on a baking sheet, and arrange cheeses, meats, and sprigs of rosemary.


Cranberry Ice Cubes

food, berry, produce, fruit, plant, Cocktails or mocktails are a must at any party. So why not make those drinks look and taste even better with dazzling cranberry ice cubes. All you have to do is drop in some fresh cranberries into your ice cube tray and your drinks will be extra photogenic!


Edible Gold Stars

food, flower, petal, flower bouquet, icing, If you want to add another fun touch to your drinks, try adding edible gold stars to the rim of your drink glasses. They'll look super glam and think how great they'll look in all of your party photos. You can find edible stars at craft stores.


Pumpkin Planters

flower arranging, green, flora, flower, plant, I think succulents are so beautiful and you can totally make them party-worthy by planting them in a pumpkin. Paint your pumpkin white for a majorly chic touch, add your succulents, and voila! You've got a party centerpiece that's simple yet stylish.


Picture Frame Cupcake Platter

food, cake, cupcake, dessert, pink, If you like to coordinate all of your party decor, you're going to love this next #partyhack! Grab a large photo frame and paint it to match your party's colors. You can also insert some decorative paper that matches the theme inside the frame and you're good to go!


White and Gold Balloons

human action, person, woman, skin, arm, Balloons are a classic party decoration but when you add gold paint, it really elevates the look. Get some gold paint and paint the lower half of your white balloons. You'll get stylish balloons instantly!


Fall Candles

furniture, shelf, ceramic, modern art, table, A fun and easy way to spruce up your candles is to add some gorgeous fall leaves. Simply get some colorful leaves and some white string and tie the leaves onto the candles.


Seasonal Candles

food, calabaza, produce, cucurbita, pumpkin, While we're on the topic of candles, why not create your own by using apples and mini pumpkins. Get a melon baller and scoop out a space inside for a tea light candle or a small tapered candle and light it up.


Tree Bouquet

flower arranging, floristry, plant, flower, ikebana, If you didn't buy a tree this year or just don't have the room, create a festive bouquet instead. Gather some fir branches and some colorful branches and stick them in your favorite vase.


Chalk Painted Wine Glasses

wine glass, stemware, lighting, glass, drink, With these cute chalk painted glasses, your party guests will never have to worry about getting their drinks mixed up. Just paint the base of your wine glasses with chalk paint and ask your guests to personalize them.


Glass Ornaments

christmas decoration, lighting, decor, glass, Incorporate some crafting into your party by creating some glass ornaments that your guests can take home. Get some glass ornaments along with tinsel, confetti, and bells so your guests can make their own ornament.


Paper Cup Lights

Create some mood lighting for your shindig by adding paper or plastic cups over string lights.


Holiday Card Tree

font, product, brand, illustration, modern art, Show off your holiday cards by arranging them in a tree shape on your wall. Not only will they brighten up a boring wall, but you get to admire your cards all day!


Gift Tag Tiles

fashion accessory, pattern, design, earrings, jewellery, Who needs boring old paper gift tags when you can make gift tag tiles. Find some inexpensive bathroom tiles and paint pens and create a fancy gift tag for your loved ones. You can also use hooks and a glue gun to turn these tiles into ornaments.


Personalized Photos

picture frame, art, design, illustration, pattern, Have your guests personalize instant photos taken at the party with metallic Sharpies so they have something to take with them to remember the party.


Edible Garland

tree, flora, plant, flower, branch, Forget popcorn garlands, update the holiday tradition by stringing honeycomb cereal or other favorite treats to create a memorable garland for your tree.


Artsy Wrapping Paper

art, drawing, organ, sketch, paper, Instead of buying wrapping paper this year, use your children's doodles to wrap up gifts. Fun, memorable, and saves you some cash!


Herb Infused Booze

T.G.I. Friday's, bottle, product, glass bottle, drinkware, Add a flavorful touch to your drinks by adding some mint leaves, basil, lavender, or thyme.


Wintery Wreath

tree, branch, christmas decoration, christmas tree, twig, If your holiday wreath has seen better days, spruce it up with some spray paint, glitter, and bells.


Herb Ice Cubes

green, food, leaf, plant, produce, Add some mint leaves or other herbs into your ice cube tray for a colorful and tasty touch to your drinks.


Color Dipped Wooden Cutlery

product, hand, tool, tableware, Paint the bottom of your wooden cutlery to coordinate with your party decor for a fresh look.


Tattoo Ornaments

food, fashion accessory, art, easter egg, bead, Create unique ornaments by using temporary tattoos to decorate your painted ornaments. All you need are decoupage, a sponge, brush, and temporary tattoos.


Gift Box Holiday Cake

flower, Wrap up your gift boxes in cheery wrapping paper to make a colorful tiered cake that makes a perfect centerpiece

What do you think of these decorative ideas? These are great ways to save some cash and get creative at the same time!

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