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Pineapple Christmas Trees the Most Unexpected Trend of 2017 ...

By Deeceebee

Have you decorated your house for the holidays yet? Did you forget your Pineapple Christmas Tree?

Every year you think you have seen everything, but every year, something at Christmas surprises us. And where do we find it? On social media, of course! So, what’s the exciting trend of Christmas 2017 that’s blowing up our Instagram, Facebook and internet feeds? Why it’s Christmas Pineapples! How could you possibly not have guessed that? Everyone is going crazy for the tropical fruit this year and it is being decorated in all kinds of ways. Check out these Pineapple Christmas Trees and be inspired to make your own.

1 Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Pineapple Tree Shining Bright

2 Perfect for the Office/your Cubicle/desk

3 Go Big or Go Home

4 Pineapple Centrepiece

5 The Cherry on the Cake - Strike That - Pineapple

6 Window Dressing

7 Peacock Throne

8 Pineapple and Palms

9 Double Act

10 Golden Pineapple

11 Hulu Santa and His Amazing Christmas Pineapple

12 Feelin’ Blue (and Silver)

13 In the Pink

14 Monkeying around

15 Christmas Trio

16 Rudolph the Red-nosed Pineapple

17 Santa Pineapple is Coming to Town

18 All Lit up and No Place to Go

‌ ‌20. Baubles and bling
‌ ‌

19 Shady Dude

20 All Bronzed up

21 Ho! Ho! Ho!


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