Cute and Creative Christmas Chocolate Spoons ...


Cute and Creative Christmas Chocolate Spoons  ...
Cute and Creative Christmas Chocolate Spoons  ...

Giving hot drink mixes for Christmas? Give your drink gifts a little wow factor and attach a chocolate spoon!

If you don't know how already, this video teaches in less than a minute!

Quite commonly for Christmas, people make hot cocoa/coffee jars, hot cocoa/coffee mugs, hot cocoa/coffee gift baskets, etc. To go along with these hot cocoa/coffee gifts, I could never find chocolate spoons in stores except on the Oriental Trading website, until I found this YouTube video for making chocolate spoons in the comfort of the kitchen.

I do lack common sense. How hard is it to figure "plastic spoons" and "melted chocolate"? Hard for me! I need things such as YouTube to remind me. How about you? I always thought that nuked chocolate would melt the plastic spoon.

So, as that little something to go along with your hot drink mix gift, attach a chocolate spoon for the chocolate lovers in your life!

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