Cute and Creative Christmas Chocolate Spoons ...

Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

Cute and Creative Christmas  Chocolate  Spoons  ...

Giving hot drink mixes for Christmas? Give your drink gifts a little wow factor and attach a chocolate spoon!

If you don't know how already, this video teaches in less than a minute!

Quite commonly for Christmas, people make hot cocoa/coffee jars, hot cocoa/coffee mugs, hot cocoa/coffee gift baskets, etc. To go along with these hot cocoa/coffee gifts, I could never find chocolate spoons in stores except on the Oriental Trading website, until I found this YouTube video for making chocolate spoons in the comfort of the kitchen.

I do lack common sense. How hard is it to figure "plastic spoons" and "melted chocolate"? Hard for me! I need things such as YouTube to remind me. How about you? I always thought that nuked chocolate would melt the plastic spoon.

So, as that little something to go along with your hot drink mix gift, attach a chocolate spoon for the chocolate lovers in your life!