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8 Old-Fashioned Skills to Learn ...

By Alison

Old-fashioned skills are making a comeback for two reasons. Firstly, people are starting to rediscover the pleasure of creating something with their own hands. Secondly, learning old-fashioned skills can save a lot of money, something that we´re all trying to do these days! So here are some of the old-fashioned skills that you really need to learn …

1 Darning

Darning is one of the most neglected old-fashioned skills. Our grandmothers wouldn´t have dreamed of throwing away a sock, simply because it had a hole in it. Nowadays, people think that socks are so cheap, they might as well just buy new ones. But if you learn to darn, you can get more wear out of your socks, save money, and avoid throwing something away.

2 Sewing

Sewing is something everyone should learn. Guys need to know how to sew on buttons and do small repairs as well! So teach your sons and not just your daughters. If you learn how to sew clothes, you can save lots of money repurposing items and making new ones. Plus you get original clothes!


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3 Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from scratch sometimes seems to be a lost art. But it´s more nutritious and economical than buying prepared dishes. Find the time when you can to cook meals from scratch, freeze extra portions, and you´ll eat better and more cheaply.

4 Shoe Repair

Repairing your shoes is one of the old-fashioned skills that very few people ever attempt to learn. Yet if you get new heels, you can replace them for a fraction of the cost you´ll be charged if you take them to be mended. It´s not difficult to learn, so repair your own shoes when you can.

5 Making Bread

Have you ever complained how tasteless supermarket bread is? That´s because the dough is brought in frozen and then baked in store. So it´s not actually freshly made at all. Baking your own bread is tastier and healthier – it won´t keep as long but it will b much nicer.

6 Growing Vegetables

If you have a garden, then dedicating a patch of it to growing your own vegetables will save you a fortune on your supermarket bills. Plus the produce will be tastier and contain more nutrients. And many people also find it very therapeutic tending a garden!

7 Canning

If you have fruit trees, a vegetable garden, or can buy bargain fruit from the market (going just before closing can yield some good bargains), canning and pickling is a great way of saving money. It used to be a very common way of storing enough to last the winter, so rediscover this old skill!

8 Household Repairs

Things are forever going wrong in the house! Paying someone else to fix things is very expensive, and yet the problem is often a simple one that you could do yourself – if you only knew how. So learn how to do simple repairs – ask someone to show you, or take a class.

It´s really worthwhile learning some old-fashioned skills, not just to save money but because it gives you a great sense of satisfaction. Imagine having something admired and being proudly able to say that you did it yourself! Are there any old-fashioned skills that you really wish you had learned?

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