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DIY Sleep Masks for Crafty Girls Wanting More Shut Eye ...

By Neecey

One of the reasons you may not get enough sleep is because of distractions - particularly light distractions. If your partner likes to fall asleep with the TV on or there's a streetlight shining in your window, a sleep mask is going to help. And if not, it's a fun fashion statement for bedtime. I’ve got a collection of cute DIY sleep masks you can knock up in no time.

Table of contents:

  1. Basic sleep mask
  2. Diy aromatherapy 'cat nap' eye pillows
  3. Breakfast at tiffany's eye mask
  4. Cat eye mask
  5. Eyes eye mask
  6. Fox sleep mask
  7. Scented eye mask
  8. Owl eye mask
  9. Oversized sleep mask
  10. No sew sleep mask
  11. Quilted eye mask
  12. Cath kidston eye mask
  13. Panda sleep mask
  14. Miss sleepy bunny
  15. Sheep sleep mask
  16. Black velvet
  17. Glasses eye mask
  18. Crochet owl eye mask
  19. Another crochet eye mask
  20. Crochet food eye mask
  21. Sheep sleep mask

1 Basic Sleep Mask

You need basic sewing skills and about 20 minutes.

2 DIY Aromatherapy 'Cat Nap' Eye Pillows

This blogger uses her sleep pillow when she's doing yoga! What a great idea.

3 Breakfast at Tiffany's Eye Mask

Who doesn't want to look as cute as Audrey Hepburn?

4 Cat Eye Mask

This will confuse your pet cat if he sleeps in your bed.

5 Eyes Eye Mask

You've got to love sequins for bedtime.

6 Fox Sleep Mask

Didn't you always want to be a foxy lady in the bedroom?

7 Scented Eye Mask

Filled with scented rice, this is just what you need after a long day.

8 Owl Eye Mask

It's a wise girl who knows the value of her beauty sleep.

9 Oversized Sleep Mask

Good for daytime naps.

10 No Sew Sleep Mask

Especially for ladies who don't sew.

11 Quilted Eye Mask

A great way to use up scraps of fabric if you don't mind a spot of quilting beforehand (otherwise just buy quilted fabric).

12 Cath Kidston Eye Mask

You have to love that this pattern includes a pouch to keep your mask in.

13 Panda Sleep Mask

You won't mind these panda eyes cos there's no running mascara involved.

14 Miss Sleepy Bunny

You'll be hopping off to the Land of Nod in no time.

15 Sheep Sleep Mask

Now there's no need to count sheep.

16 Black Velvet

Have you thought about wearing an eye mask to meditate?

17 Glasses Eye Mask

You can make this in more suitable girlie colors.

18 Crochet Owl EYE Mask

If you prefer needlecraft to sewing ...

19 Another Crochet Eye Mask

A crochet version of the Audrey Hepburn sleep mask

20 Crochet Food Eye Mask

I'm not sure I want to go to bed dreaming of food...

21 Sheep Sleep Mask

This is so cute I could be inspired to take up crochet.

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