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7 Marvelous Maxi Dresses to Make ...

By Alison

For the seamstresses among you, I've picked out some maxi dresses to make. This style is a great choice if you want to hide your legs. Maxi dresses use a lot of fabric, but also offer the opportunity to show off some fabulous fabric. So here are some marvelous maxi dresses to make …

1 Posh Sundress


The first of the maxi dresses to make is a beautiful sundress. It may be fall now, but you can make this dress as a winter project for next year. It'll also be perfect if you're heading off on vacation to a sunny country. Be bold and use clashing prints, or go for a more subtle option and match a print with a plain fabric in the same tone.

2 Dots Dress


This pattern is a bit more complicated, so if you're a reasonably experienced seamstress you might like to have a go. It's a versatile pattern when it comes to choosing fabric. You could pick one with a patterned edge, or use scraps of another fabric to make the straps or sides of the top part. Play around with your fabric and have fun choosing the combination you like the look of most.


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3 Marisa Dress


This dress isn't strictly speaking a maxi dress, as it ends mid.calf. However, the contrast bodice reminds me of the seventies, a time when the maxi dress was at its most popular. The pattern could easily be adapted to turn it into a maxi; work out how long you want the skirt to be and lengthen the skirt pieces. So if you like a vintage look, try this dress.

4 One-Shoulder Dress


If you love the Grecian goddess look, then this is the dress for you. It's also really easy to make. The pattern could easily be adapted if you prefer a dress with two shoulders. You'll need to cut an armhole for the other arm, but since the pattern uses stretch jersey you don't need to worry about fraying, and the armhole will simply turn in on itself to hide the cut edge.

5 Vintage Sheet Dress

Vintage Sheet

I love the name of this blog - Running With Scissors! We all remember how our moms and teachers used to warn us against running while holding scissors … anyway, if you love re-purposing clothing then this pattern will suit you admirably. It uses a vintage sheet to make a gorgeous maxi dress. If you don't happen to own any vintage sheets, look for one in a vintage style or buy some cotton fabric.

6 Boho Maxi Dress

Boho Maxi

Our very own Meream came up with this gorgeous and oh-so-simple maxi dress pattern. It really couldn't be easier to make! The bottom piece looks more complicated than it is; just read the instructions and you'll see how simple it really is. You don't even need to be a pattern expert, as the pattern consists of simple rectangles. Call it your All Women Stalk dress!

7 Maternity Maxi


Do you think that wearing a maxi while you're pregnant will make you look like you're wearing a tent? This tutorial shows that pregnant ladies can wear maxis too. The lace shoulder detail adds some interest to a plain fabric, and can also be used to make a sash (this is essential to avoid the tent look!). Or make a sash from contrasting fabric.

Maxi dresses are always popular, and you don't need to be tall to wear one. If you're on the shorter side, just make sure that your dress isn't too long and dragging on the ground. They're also great if you love the boho or vintage look. What's your favorite dress style?

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