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13 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes ...

By Felicia

Figuring out a Halloween costume is tough, but with these suggestions, you’re sure to find a winner.

1 Wednesday Addams

All you need is a black dress and collared shirt and you have yourself everybody’s favorite Addams family member. Make sure you top off with her signature braids.

2 Holly Golightly

Are you a fan of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? All you need is a chic black dress and peep-toe heels. Top it all off with the perfect hairdo, pearl necklace, and satin black elbow-length gloves.

3 Snow White

To make sure you stay in character, carry an apple with you. For this costume, all you need is a yellow skirt, a blue V-neck pullover sweater, a white button-up blouse, yellow heels, and a red ribbon.

4 Pumpkin Pi

For a cheesy costume, grab yourself an orange shirt with the pi symbol on it and throw on a headband adorned with a small faux pumpkin.

5 Bread Winner

Another cheesy costume. Grab a brightly colored T-shirt, a fake medal, and a loaf of bread.

6 Bubble Gum Machine

Grab a white tank top and a black headband and glue some colorful pom-poms on them. Attack a 25 cent sign on a red tulle skirt and you’re now a bubble gum machine.

7 Movie Theater Floor

Dress in all black and then attach empty candy wrappers, old movie tickets, and popcorn over the outfit to finish the look.

8 White Rabbits

Make sure you’re not late for your Halloween party in this outfit. All you need is a bunny ear headband, blue bow tie, white dress, and a red blazer.

9 Tourist

Take a trip this Halloween, or pretend like you are, and dress in a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, camera, and a lei.

10 Tickled Pink

Throw on a pink shirt, pink pom-pom headband, and a pink feather boa.

11 Bulletin Board

Grab a brown T-shirt and place Post-it notes all over. Make sure to write reminders on them to pull off the ensemble. You can bring along some Post-its and pen so that people can leave you messages.

12 Pig in a Blanket

Make sure you don’t get cold this Halloween in this costume. Slip on pig ears and pig nose and wrap a warm blanket around your shoulders.

13 Queen Bee

This buzz-worthy costume is easy to throw together. All you need is a black and yellow dress, or a yellow dress and black ribbon, as well as a crown, black pipe cleaners, and wings.

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