7 Indie Craft Fairs Every One Should Go to ...

If you're a big fan of independent arts and crafts, there are many indie craft fairs you can go to. I had no idea that there were so many cool fairs going on around the country and I really hope I can experience them all one day! Keep in mind that there are many, many more than the ones on this list but these indie craft fairs are the ones that have grabbed my attention recently!

1. The Finders Keepers

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If you ever find yourself in Australia, The Finders Keepers Mart is the place to be. It's a bi-annual event that showcases up-and-coming designers from all around Australia and New Zealand! It originally launched in Sydney but they have since expanded to Brisbane and Melbourne. The event features live music, a cafe and bar, and a massive crowd who just want to celebrate independent art & design. There's an event in Sydney in December so for more info on them, visit thefinderskeepers.com. This is just one of many awesome indie craft fairs you should go to.

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