7 Incredible Lips Scrubs That You Can Make ...

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7 Incredible Lips Scrubs That You Can Make ...

Lips scrubs are important for keeping your lips smooth and healthy. But we don't encourage you to go out and buy. We suggest going the cheap and organic way by making your own! That's right, there are many DIY lip scrub recipes that you can try in your very own kitchen. They are easy to follow and are sure to give you natural and fabulous products.

1 Use Raspberries

color,pink,red,green,flower, A natural DIY lip scrub with raspberries? That is all sorts of fantastic, if you ask us. The first thing that you do is to mix organic sugar, olive oil, and honey into a clumpy concoction. After that, you mix in and mash the raspberries. This should give you a pretty, pink mixture perfect for keeping your lips smooth.

Source: woodsofbelltrees.com

2 Just Add Honey

food,dessert,produce,fruit,HOMEMADE, This recipe is something that you can make in under five minutes. It requires only sugar, honey, and almond oil. For extra plumping action, you can also mix in a dash of cinnamon or cayenne. If you have extra after scrubbing, it should keep for several days.

Source: hellonatural.co

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3 Pour in Some Coconuts

food,breakfast,produce,meal,dish, Love the taste and aroma of coconuts? If you do, this DIY lip scrub recipe is for you. Just like the previous recipes, this one is incredibly easy to prepare as well. It also calls for only a few ingredients. These are coconut oil, honey, sugar, and lukewarm water.

Source: hairsprayandhighheels.net

4 Give It a French Toast Twist

food,dish,produce,breakfast,land plant, This mixture will taste and smell like breakfast. We don't blame you if you end up ingesting some. To make this, you will be needing sugar (brown or white), extra virgin coconut oil, and a dash of cinnamon. You mix all ingredients until you have a nice but clumpy consistency. Rub onto your lips and then rinse with water.

Source: londonlikethecity.com

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5 Give It a Sweet Fruit Loops Flavor

Carrot,food,dessert,produce,breakfast, You will not be using actual fruit loops for this DIY lip scrub recipe. That will surely remove the natural factor from your homemade beauty product. What you will be using is a skin-safe fragrance oil with Fruit Loops aroma. You will also be using shea butter and plain white sugar as well. Adding food coloring is also an option to give your scrub a more genuine Fruit Loops appeal.

Source: smartschoolhouse.com

6 Sprinkle Some Lemon

citrus,food,fruit,plant,produce, If you want a DIY lip scrub with a hint of summer, adding lemon essential oil to the mix is a great idea. Other ingredients needed are jojoba oil, raw honey, and sugar. You simply mix them together until you have a great consistency for a scrub. If you mix it too much, the sugar might dissolve so you will want to know when to stop. Leave on lips for a few minutes after application. Wash off with wet washcloth after.

Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

7 Make It Bubblegum Fun

food,pink,strawberry,dessert,produce, Again, no actual candies were used to make this DIY lip scub. Those come with bad sugar, as you probably already know, so they would not make for good ingredients for your natural beauty product. But you can still make a bubblegum-flavored lip scrub with the help of some flavoring. This recipe also calls for sugar and olive oil.

Source: hairsprayandhighheels.net

Most DIY lip scrubs will keep for up to a week. Simply store them in an airtight container inside your fridge. Before using the fridge-stored mixture, though, let your DIY lip scrub melt for a few minutes first.

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Where can I buy the fruit loop and bubblegum flavor

I have the same lip scrub as the one in the title photo. It tastes amazing and works really well, and the products Lush make are fantastic! Awesome article by the way! :)

Mmmm! Delicious! Yummy kissable lips!

Lush makes awesome "natural" products. BUT...it seem the more natural a product is the more my skin rejects it and I break out with a rash, lol. You think it would be the other way around?


"Organic sugar" *laughs*

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