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How to Become a Photographer ...

By Sonya

The whole world now thinks that because they take selfies every day, they are a photographer! Not so. There’s a big difference in being able to snap off a pic of your best duck face and being able to truly take a stunning picture. Here’s how to become a photographer – the natural way.

1 In the Heart and Mind

For anyone who has a type of camera there is something personal and creative about taking your own photographs. Whether you would be recognised as a good photographer or not, is irrelevant. The perception of other people does not affect the emotions you felt when you took the shots or how you feel about it now. This is part of being a natural photographer, with no props, staging and set pieces. You just see a subject and decide to make a personal record of it.

2 Natural Ability

Photography is an art form. Like any other art, the artist will have a natural talent, their own creative perceptions and instinct. A painter will look at a canvas and see a form in their mind. The natural photographer will look through a viewfinder and immediately determine how that shot should be taken. In addition to the talent, there must be support with a sound, technical knowledge of the tools being used.


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3 The Eye of the Photographer

In the realms of photography, a feature that cannot be taught or provided in training is the eye, or perception of what would make a good photograph. This is among the most essential parts of photography. The ability of a photographer to be able to relax people and animals and be natural must be achieved. If not, the end result could be stereotyped and the emotion of the shot will not be visible or felt. The talent and passion of a natural photographer, is showing a variety of aspects and nuances, that the average photographer and individual would not notice.

4 Influences and Learning

Influences are an integral part of life and in many respects, art. Any learning or knowledge gained by experiences sometimes form lasting impressions. This could relate to having attended a teaching facility, or been exposed to the efforts of a keen photographer. Learning of this type, while in its own right a valuable asset, should not detract from your natural photographic instincts. For technical and any other help, the Internet is on hand. Otherwise, practice and more practice are the ingredients for a natural photographer.

5 A Natural Ability

It is common in any art or sport to meet people who have attended all the correct and recognised institutions of higher learning. However, it is also true that many of them while being probably technically correct and bursting with knowledge do not have a natural talent or ability. Alternatively, there are those amongst us who can pick up a tennis racket, cricket bat, a football or a camera and produce extraordinary results. Therefore, do not be overly impressed or feel inferior by the paper qualifications of other photographers. If you possess a natural photographic ability, then you have one of the greatest assets in an art form.

6 Knowing Your Subjects

Contributing to a good and natural photograph is in understanding your subjects and having the ability to make a story out of your picture. This is helped by an awareness of what appeals to your audience. Many people shy away from the camera, believing they are not photogenic. A significant percentage of them are proven wrong by the talent of a photographer who captures something special and natural about them. It is making a shot that is totally representative of that particular person, a scene or even an object.

7 Your Achievement

A significant part of being a natural photographer is to determine what you want from it! Is it only a hobby to release that inherent talent; or to take irrelevant, vanity-driven portrait pictures. These are generally quite acceptable, but after some days, you realise they are all basically the same. The posing, lighting, makeup and expressions are all anything but natural. For a natural photographer, that is talent crushing and transfers you into a technician.

8 Your Talent and Your Decision

From the first time you pick up a camera and begin producing photographs that are as you envisioned them, it is the reflection of your talent and natural ability. You have chosen a unique and special art form in which there are no rules; only those self imposed and guidelines to help you.

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