Here's How to Turn Your Plain Tees into Must Have Tops ...

By Sabrina

Here's How to Turn Your Plain Tees into Must Have Tops ...

You can only wear a plain t-shirt so many times before you get tired of it. But instead of throwing it out, have you ever considered giving it a makeover? Here's how you can turn your plain tees into must have tops!

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1 Sexy off the Shoulder

Get the look here:
A plain black T-shirt doesn't do much for your figure, but a sexy off the shoulder blouse like this one? Wow! You're sure to turn heads! The best part, it doesn't require any sewing! The transformation is almost too easy!

2 Cute Cut Outs

Cute Cut Outs Get the look here:
This makeover works great on band shirts. Turn it into a tank top with cutouts to show off your body and rep your favorite band!

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3 Hottie Halter

Hottie Halter Get the look here:
I'd rather wear a halter top than a t-shirt any day! Even though this look is so easy to achieve, you will still look like you put so much more effort into your outfit than if you wore a plain tee.

4 Stylish Sweater

Stylish Sweater Get the look here:
Take an old sweatshirt and turn it into a stylish sweater! This one does require a bit of sewing, but nothing you can't handle, I'm sure! In the end, it will look like something you would buy in a store!

5 Ditch-the-Shirt Skirt!

Ditch-the-Shirt Skirt! Get the look here:
If you have plenty of tops but lacking in the skirts department, this just might solve your problem. All you need is a long sleeve shirt and a pair of legs! This is the easiest clothes makeover of all!

6 Make a Splash!

Make a Splash! Get the look here:
Summer may be a distant dream (except for you lucky Australians and New Zealanders!), but I promise you that one day the snow will be replaced with sand and sunshine! And when that day comes, you'll be prepared with a cute swimsuit coverup! All you need is an oversized shirt, dye, and a needle and thread. Choose whatever colors you like to make it your own!

7 Lovely Lace

Get the look here:
Last but not least is this adorable crop top! It looks great with high-waisted jeans or shorts, or a skirt. Whether or not you add the lace pocket is up to you—and your sewing skills! Regardless, it will look much better than any plain t-shirt!

There's nothing more frustrating than having clothes in your closet that you don't want to wear. So why not revamp your wardrobe at no cost to you? I certainly can't wait to try each and every one of these! Which one is your favorite?

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The long sleeve shirt turned into a skirt is my fav... looks super cute!!

All of these are amazing! Def trying them out!!

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