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How to DIY the Most Breathtaking Leather Bags ...

By Meream

Leather is a great material to work with. If you're looking to make a classic piece for carrying things, you cannot go wrong with a leather purse or bag. To get you started, we have here a wide variety of leather tutorials. Some are for small purses while others will give you steps for oversized totes. Hope you enjoy the following DIY leather bags! For vegan friends, you can substitute leather with the faux type.

Table of contents:

  1. Fabric and leather clutch
  2. Drawstring mini pouch
  3. Oversized tote
  4. Fringe mini sling
  5. Simple tote
  6. Mini envelope purse
  7. Oversized clutch

1 Fabric and Leather Clutch

Isn't this beautiful? I love the combination of marble print fabric and icy blue leather. Aside from the leather and fabric, this tutorial also calls for heavyweight interfacing and button for closure. Since you will be working with leather, we recommend that you use clips instead of pins to keep the sections together for sewing.


2 Drawstring Mini Pouch

Drawstring bags are still quite popular, especially for those who frequent music festivals. For those who don't want to lug around a huge bag in these events, this mini drawstring leather tutorial is for you. Following these steps, you will make a small purse perfect for only your wallet, mobile phone, and lipstick.


3 Oversized Tote

From mini, we go to oversized DIY leather bags. This is a classic leather bag shape. If you make one, you will end up using it for many years since it will never go out of trend. And since you're working with leather, you no longer have to deal with things such as constructing the lining. You simply sew the leather section, add straps, add interior pockets, and you're done. Make the tassel hanging for that extra style oomph.


4 Fringe Mini Sling

The material used for this cute fringe bag is suede but soft leather will work for this project, too. Unlike the previous tote tutorial, though, you will have to include lining for this particular bag. You will also have to sew a zipper. Don't worry, adding lining and zipper are actually quite easy; I can do it in my sleep. For the helpful steps, check out the tutorial below.


5 Simple Tote

How lovely is this DIY leather bag? This is incredibly easy to make, too. Basically, you will need two pieces of leather for the front and back sections of the bag. You will then make curved cuts on the opening and oval cut-outs for the handle. You then sew the pieces together to make your fun leather bag. Easy!


6 Mini Envelope Purse

This is one pretty DIY leather purse. The envelope style is also a classic look that will serve you for many seasons. And since this is an easy purse tutorial, you will realize that you simply cannot stop at making one. You will want to find 12x12 leather sheets in many colors and make as many envelope purses as you can. Give them to girl friends and you will become their favorite person.


7 Oversized Clutch

What's a list of purse DIYs without a single mention of an oversized clutch, right? And since we're featuring leather, we have here a tutorial for a stylish giant clutch with eye-catching toggle closure. This large purse doesn't have a lining so it should be easy to make.


Ready to make some DIY style splash with leather? We hope that you find your next fashion staple from the craft projects we have featured here!

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