8 Effective Homemade Cleaning Products ...


8 Effective Homemade Cleaning Products ...
8 Effective Homemade Cleaning Products ...

Homemade cleaning products are simple to make, environmentally friendly and safe to use around pets and children. The problem with chemical products is that they end up polluting the environment - and the smell can be pretty unpleasant as well. Homemade cleaning products are cheap, safe, and effective – they´re what our grandparents used, after all. So here are the best homemade cleaning products to leave your home fresh and clean …

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Wood Polish

You can make a really great wood polish with olive oil and lemon juice. Yes, it´s basically salad dressing, but wood is a living material and needs feeding! I´ve used this to clean up wooden furniture rescued from the street, and it works a treat, giving them a new lease of life.



The best homemade cleaning products are made from simple, cheap ingredients that you have in your store cupboard. Have you got some baking soda? Then make it into a paste with water, and use it to scrub tiles, surfaces and the bathtub. It won´t scratch, and is very effective.


Window Cleaner

I just can´t stand the smell of window cleaning products! Luckily, there´s a natural alternative, and it´s much more effective than most branded products. Simply dilute vinegar with water in a spray bottle, and use newspapers to rub it onto the glass. Result: no streaks, and beautifully clean windows. It also works for cleaning mirrors.


Oven Cleaner

Cleaning the oven is probably one of the worst household jobs! The products on the market are actually pretty toxic and must be used with care. Do you want something like that in your home? Instead, sprinkle water on the oven floor, cover generously with baking soda, and leave overnight. Wipe away what you can, and use liquid detergent to deal with the rest.


Sink Unblocker

Like oven cleaners, products to unblock a sink can use very strong chemicals. Homemade cleaning products are a great alternative, but if you´re going to use them for this purpose, use them regularly to keep the sink clear, rather than wait until the sink actually blocks. Sprinkle baking soda (again!) into the plug, and add vinegar – it´s quite fun watching it froth up!


Carpet Cleaner

Why pay $$$ for a carpet cleaner when you can use something as basic as corn starch? Simply sprinkle over the carpet, leave for up to 30 mins, and then vacuum it clean. You could also add a few drops of essential oil to the corn starch for a gorgeous scent.


Air Freshener

Here is one of my favourite homemade cleaning products! Mix several drops of essential oil (not the “fragrance” oils) with water in a small spray bottle. This is so much nicer than shop versions, doesn´t make you want to choke, and you can use whichever oil you fancy. Plus you can mix some lovely combinations!


Fabric Softener

If you´re like me, and allergic to ingredients used in fabric softeners, you can use vinegar as an alternative. ½ cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle will do the trick, and with no nasty reactions for sensitive skin!

Homemade cleaning products are kinder to your pocket, the environment and to your home. The best homemade cleaning products are just as good as any manufactured product, if not better. There´s really no need to have a cupboard full of bought products when with a few simple ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice you can make just about everything you need. If you´re a fan of homemade alternatives, what do you have in your kitchen and what do you make with it?

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Eight effective homemade cleaning products... naturalcleaning moneysaving (via Twitter)

I wouldn't use olive oil for wood, if it gets muggy, hot, humid, or sunny on the wood, it will rot. Definitely use mineral oil!

read again number 4, still use chemical stuff (liquid detergent),

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