11 Daily DIY Tips for an Easy Life ...


11 Daily DIY Tips for an Easy Life ...
11 Daily DIY Tips for an Easy Life ...

Daily DIY tips are incredibly helpful, affordable, and time efficient. With resources like Pinterest and various blogs (like All Women Stalk, of course!) making DIY the next big thing, lots of people are looking for items within their homes that they can easily turn into other things. I could write pages and pages of helpful daily tips, but I narrowed it down to 11 incredible daily DIY tips that are sure to make your life easier.

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Sweep It under the Rug

So, my lip is pierced. Inevitably, when I take out my piercings to clean or change them, I end up dropping the ball or the post. Sometimes I do it on carpet, sometimes on the bathroom tile. Either way, they're hard to find, which is why this is one of my favorite daily DIY tips. If you've lost small items in the floor, or simply think you have, get an old pair of panty hose or stockings and pull the leg over the hose on your vacuum. As you sweep the area where you think you dropped your item, the suction will capture it but the stocking acts as a barrier to keep it from actually getting into the vacuum.


Wild, Wonderful Walnuts

Do you have wooden furniture or untreated wooden floors? Do they have a lot of unsightly scratches, dings, or other damages? Well, all you need is a walnut – and maybe a nutcracker. You take the nutmeat and rub it against the imperfections. The walnut instantly covers up any flaws or scuffs!


The Vinegar Fix

What's your shower head looking like these days? Is it kind of gunky? Do you have a build up of lime or other residue? You don't have to stand on tip toe to clean it, or spend tons of time scrubbing out every little hole in the nozzle. Instead, get yourself a plastic bag – a small shopping bag, a sandwich bag, whatever you have. Fill it up with white vinegar, secure it around the fixture, and let it do its work for about eight hours. Once you remove it, you'll have a shiny, gunk-free shower head!


A Crest-Kid Smile

That's actually misleading, this isn't about your teeth at all. It is about worn, scratched, and hazed headlights and taillights, as well as CDs and DVDs. Get a plain white tooth paste and use it to buff your car's lights or your scratched and damaged DVDs. Wipe it away using circular motions and a clean, soft cloth, and both your lights and your movies will look good as new!


Clean Cleaning Products

Do you have lots of cleaning products but only a little storage space? I sympathize greatly. That's why it's much easier to buy a cheap plastic shoe rack that you can hang on the back of a door. The shoe sleeves are the perfect size for most cleaning products. This works great for the sorts of foods you store in the pantry as well!


Not Just for Staples

Do you ever hurt your fingers trying to take keys on or off your key ring, or when pulling out thumbtacks or metal fasteners on certain products? Well, stop it! Just get yourself a small staple remover to fit into those hard to reach places. You won't scratch or bruise your fingers again!


Blister Pack Blues

I hate the fasteners I mentioned earlier, but not nearly as much as I hate the thick plastic blister packs surrounding everything today. Whatever you buy, from ear buds to a new mouse, it's locked up tight in this stuff, which is practically bulletproof. Not even my kitchen scissors cut through it easily! However, an old fashioned manual can opener works wonders for slicing through the plastic. You'll never have to gouge your hand or arm on this junk again, either!


No Sink Too Small

Have you ever tried to get a bucket, litter box, or any other container into your sink to fill it up, only to find that it's too unwieldy to fit? You could fill it up in your bathtub or something instead, but you could also simply grab your dust pan, place the bucket beneath the sink, and balance the pan in the sink. Make sure the handle rests on the lip of the sink, because then it will send the water cascading down into your container! This is ideal for soaking cat boxes or preparing a floor bucket for mopping day.


A Key Manicure

This one is easy but ingenious. If you have a lot of keys that all look the same, you need to label them. Now, you can do that with a sharpie or something, but that's hard to see in the dark. Take your nail polish and paint the heads of the keys instead. It's pretty, cheap, and easy, plus you'll be able to find your car key even when it's really dark outside.


Crazy Closet Space

If you don't have a lot of closet space, you'll love this. It works for most hangers, provided they're narrow enough. Start collecting the tabs off soda cans, then make sure they're clean. Slide the top of your hanger through one hole, and the top of another hanger through the other one. You instantly have double the space! Not only does it create more room, but it's a great way to hang up complementary pieces together.


Stop Flip Flopping

When the weather gets warm, I live in flip flops. As it so often happens, my favorite pairs are often the $5 deals you can grab at most drugstores. Although I love them, the thongs inevitably pop out because the hole on the bottom gets too wide. If that happens to you, just slide a bread clip over the peg on the bottom. Those things are indestructible, your flip flops will last the rest of the season!

You can do so much with items you already have. Whether you're looking to save time, money, or space, I really hope these DIY tips help you. I've tried most of them, and believe me, they are really efficient. I especially love the space-saving tip for the closet! Do you have any other daily DIY tips that save time and money?

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