7 Stain Removal Secrets ...


7 Stain Removal Secrets ...
7 Stain Removal Secrets ...

I searched for quite some time for the best stain removal secrets around. I cannot handle stains, espially on little dresses I spend way to much money on! In my quest for the best, these stain removal secrets are worth your time!

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Simple Mircle Solution

Who knew that the very best of the stain removal secrets was sitting in your very kitchen and medicine cabinet? Your key to being stain free is the simple mixture of peroxide and dawn dish detergent! More specifically, mix 1 part dish detergent and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Spray on your stain, rub around and walah! This works well for laundry, furniture, carpets...it's a wonderful thing!



This was the most incredible tip I could have ever received! If you have a ball point ink stain on your favorite shirt, or if you child has decided to mark up their brand new outfit, you have no need to fear! Simply spray the mark with hairspray, rub it in real good, and wash in warm water! I'm telling you from experience, this works!


Tissue Paper

Ever spill water on your favorite silk dress or blouse? All you have to do is let the stain dry and gently rub it with tissue paper! Who knew?


Magic Eraser

I have no idea what is in those little sponges, but it works! I have cleaned up stubborn bathtub stains that not even bleach took out! My only regret is that they don't last longer.


Petroleum Jelly

If you have ever hosted a "black tie" dinner, complete with linen napkins? If so, then you know the dread of having to wash the napkins used by all your lady guests. Lipstick stains! But never fear! Simply rub the stain with petroleum jelly and wash in hot water!


White Whine

Ok, so I know that some videos are all fake and you can't believe even half of what you see, even on video these day, but...I did read that if you have a red wine stain, you can remove it by simply blotting the stain and...wait for it...pour white all over it! Wait 30 minutes and everything should be back to normal. (Disclaimer: This one is probably worth a trial run on an old t-shirt first.)


Mayonaise and Cigerette Ashes?

Supposedly, if you have water marks on your favorite table, you can simply mix mayo and cigerette ashes together, rub some on the stain, leave overnight, and in the morning wipe it away to find the stain gone. Now, I don't know if this is true, as I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I would recommend using it on a table that doesn't matter to you much before trying it on the priceless antique table!

Everyone has stain removal secrets. Trouble is, knowing which ones really work and which ones don't. So, what's your tried and true stain removing secret? Please share with me!

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For oil stains on clothes put baby powder or any kind of powder and leave it for a day then wash in machine , it works even the old stains

If you get hair color on your clothes hairspray is amazing. Just spray on wait for it to dry then wash out. Works every time!

Colored pencil on walls; windex and clean cloth. Now I just use any brand magic eraser type cleaning sponge. Add water and one pump of dish detergent foam, the kind that takes grease away, work up a foam it's great to go on anything!

Mop n glo build up on floors is a big time bugger to get off linoleum, tile or anything! Don't bother with the directions on the bottle for removal. Just go to the hardware section and get the orange scented paint stripper, it took me 1/4 the time. After I had already spent 4 days on my hands & knees scrubbing.

For ink stains (especially the liquid ink type) dribble on pure glycerine work it in we'll then wash. This can even be used on stains that have already been laundered.

My fiancée, unknown to him until an hour after we got home somehow managed to get black motor grease on a brand new pair of shorts the other day. The first thing I did was reach for the WD-40 can and sprayed the spots. Then I soaked the shorts in VERY hot water for about 2-3hrs. Scrubbed the area every 1/2 hr or so and finally threw them in a laundry cycle. When I u pulled them outta the dryer, the grease was COMPLETELY GONE.

What about coffee stains?

For ink stains on items I.e phone, use rubbing alcohol or perfume, lets it sit for a bit then wipe off

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